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Procedures: July 2011 Archives

CybraryN Goes Live!

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Instructions for registering a new guest user can be found HERE

A valid government issued photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers license, state ID, school ID) is required.

The patron must sign the back of their card. By signing their card they agree to abide by the Terms of Service for Guest Access

To log in, the patrons last name is their username and the barcode on the front of their card is their password. After entering this information, they must select the "Guest" login button. Pressing the "Enter" key will NOT work.

The Public Workstation Access card provides 2-hours of computer access per day. If they want more than 2-hours they can join the Friends of the Library and receive unlimited access.

Additional information can be found at the Libraries Public Workstation Access Page

We will be going over the process of creating cards with each of you, but if there are issues or questions beforehand, please ask a circulation supervisor or reference librarian.


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