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Procedures: July 2012 Archives

Breaks at the Desk

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Hi All,

I just have a few reminders about working at the Circulations desks--B and 2nd:
1. Never leave the desk unoccupied. For security reasons, we can't have the gate unoccupied and risk someone walking out with books. If you are scheduled a break during the evenings and weekends, you always need to call a security monitor, even for 15 minute breaks!
2. Please stack books on the return shelves (behind circ) upright with the spine facing out, like you would on Level F. Only unbound periodicals should be stacked on top of one another, not books. Remember your Murder in the Stacks training!
3. Please keep an eye on the return shelves and make trucks up when needed. 30-60 books usually does the trick! (1-2 levels of a book truck)
4. Also please keep an eye on return bins, and retrieve material as soon as you can after it has been dropped. An over-full return bin can cause damage to the books!
5. Have fun! And if you have questions, please ask. We're always learning here at the University of Minnesota Libraries!


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