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Procedures: August 2012 Archives

Book returns, shelving

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Hi students,

As the summer winds down to the semester, I want to post a few reminders for you all before the busy school year starts. I've started to notice that the return shelves behind circulation have been getting a little sloppy, so just keep in mind.

1. Take your time returning books to the shelves behind Circ. First check to make sure whether you have a book or periodical. Periodicals will always have a yellow "PER" sticker on the spine, but if it has fallen off (and they do) it will ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS have "PER" before the call number. After that, hake sure you take time to place the book or periodical in the correct call dumber designation. I had about half a dozen mistakes TONIGHT ALONE w/r/t the last two issues, which could result in mis-shelving and lost books.

2. Any books with torn/missing pages, torn or broken spines, broken covers or text blocks should be given to me, either by placing them on the Mending Shelf (bottom rung of the Hold Shelf) or in my box.

3. Part of your duties at the Circ desk as well as customer service is to set up book trucks once there are enough books to fill one. So when you have time in between patrons, please assess whether there are enough books or bound periodicals (30 or more is a good amount), please put a truck together and record it on the shelving sheet. Also, remember your "Murder in the Stacks" training and always place the books spine side out (as you would on the shelves in B,S,F) when placing items on the trucks. Never place items spine side up!

Have a nice summer!


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