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Expired Patron Alert!

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Hello Circ Workers!

Ever run into an "expired" patron before? If you do, stop, drop, and follow these directions:

expired patron 2.jpg If you click on the "Renew" button from the Expired ID pop-up block, it will automatically reactive the account by extending the expiration date to 1 year from today and it will not be alerted. This can lead to a huge problem especially for Friends of the Library borrower accounts as they pay annual memberships to renew their account. If you run into an "expired" patron, it is usually someone who is not currently registered for classes or a Friend of the Library whose subscription has lapsed. Neither of these cases can be allowed to borrow books!

For Friends of the Library, a full time supervisor can renew the subscription for them, otherwise let the patron know that they need to be registered for the current semester to have library privileges. A lot of people will be graduating so this might come up!


Today is Severe Weather Awareness Day and according to MPR they will be sounding sirens twice today, at 1:45 and again at 6:55. So if you hear sirens at that time it should be only a test. Please take some time to review the emergency procedures for what to do in severe weather. You never know what can happen when you are at work and we all want to be ready to handle it.

Perfect Shelving!

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Another two weeks of amazing shelving! Treats are here today to celebrate. Keep up the super work! This is a great way to start off the semester. I hope the momentum lasts.

Operation Enduring Liberty is off to an excellent start this semester. From September 1 to September 16, 30 items were checked and all 30 were found in the correct location. Congrats to all with the hard work. Treats will be brought in sometime this week as a reward for our two weeks without errors.

Today starts another two week period to go for the next round of treats. Lets keep up the fantastic work. The more items shelved correctly means less errors in the stacks and Get It items are easier to find, patrons can find what they need, and shelf reading is easier to do.

If anyone has any questions about this, please talk to a supervisor.

Just a reminder to everyone that random shelf checks are still being done. I hope that we will get to a point where we can have two weeks after two weeks correct and endless rewards to all. Over the summer we have had 3 two week sessions with no errors. That is awesome! After each two week period of no errors however there were a few days of errors and I am trying to figure out why. The errors I find are missed decimals, QA in the QB, item after or before already out of order and not caught, items just flip-flopped on the shelf for the next item. These seem to be simple errors that should be caught if one is going slow and paying attention. Please take your time in shelving to make sure the items are correctly shelved. If you have any questions, please let a supervisor know.

This book truck was found on Level F last week. When doing Pick Up, please make sure that all items are shelved and counted. If you do not have time to shelve everything in the Pick Up hour, please bring the items back to the desk area, so they can be shelved later that day. We also need to know this so the schedule can be adjusted if needed. After Pick Up is done, there should not be any items left on tables or book trucks. If you have any questions, please talk to a supervisor. Thank you.


Keep up the fantastic work! Time for another treat/prize this week. Stay tuned for more details.

Its time to party! We have made it another two weeks with no shelving errors! From 7/11 to 7/22 35 items were checked and all 35 items were found in place. Treats will be provided this week to reward the fantastic work. Keep up the awesome shelving.

Remember, treats will be provided for every two week time period that we are free of shelving errors. We are now starting a new two week session. Lets keep up the work, so we can get treats again in two weeks.

We almost made it another two weeks without any errors, but with the shelving from Wednesday and Thursday there was an error on each day. We were so close to getting treats again for our perfect two weeks. Everyone has to stay motivated and on track.

Here are the two errors that I found.
Item in front: QA76.9 .L638 B73 2007
Item Checked: QA76.9 .N38 B25 2011
Item After: QA76.9 .N38 I558 2008
Next Item: QA76.9 .M3 A87x 1971
Item was shelved in the .Ms

Item in front: QA76.73 .C15 S57 1990
Item Checked: QA76.73 .C153 S654 1999
Item After: QA76.73 .C15 S7349
The 3 was missed in the .C153.

If anyone has questions on shelving, please talk to a supervisor.

Great news! We are one week away from treats! Keep up the amazing work and next Friday we will have treats.


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