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Training: March 2011 Archives

Do you know what the dress code is for work? When you provide customer service do you know what your clothing is saying? If it is scaring the patron, that is a bad thing. In Walter Library, we ask that clothes be clean, neat, and non-offensive. In other words the shirt with a suggestive saying on it is out and considering the physical activity of the job a short, tight skirt or shorts may be out too. Requirements of the University of Minnesota include, no swimming suits and shoes need to be worn at all times. Remember these simple steps and you will be a star at providing excellent customer service.

If you have any questions about this or other customer service issues, please ask a supervisor.


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The customer service point for this week is Acknowledge. When a patron walks into the library look up and see that they have entered. A small hand wave or head nod can help. When they approach the desk, smile and make eye contact. We want all of our patrons to receive excellent customer service and this is one way that you can provide excellent customer service.

Treats to anyone who can list all the customer service points that have been reviewed so far. Please post them as a comment.


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It's that time again for your weekly customer service reminder! Giving clear explanations to patrons can help score you points. What are these explanations you ask? Here are some examples of what may need an explanation.
Due dates - The difference between Regular Loan, One Day Loan, 2 Hour Loan, 3 Day Loan. This can be confusing to patrons and if we explain it upfront by letting them know when the item is due, it can prevent unhappiness later with fines.
How fines can be paid - Can you clearly explain to a patron what the fine rate is and what forms of payment we accept? If not, you should find out.
What is in the building/campus - Patrons stop at the desk to ask for directions to a room in this building or they may be looking for another building on campus. Use the maps when needed to show where to go in the building or on campus. You can always walk with the patron if you are able too.
A few more items to think about: Difference between collections, what is MLAC, what is a hold or a reserve item?
These are just a few of the many questions that we receive at the desk that need clear explanations. If you have any questions about how you should answer a patron, please talk to a supervisor now. We want you to score well in the Customer Service area.

Thank you to all who have taken time to send emails from the Walter unit email to alert patrons of missing items, lost books, or books ready to be picked up. Just one thing to keep in mind when sending emails. Please us the Gmail option. In Gmail, we have templates set up that you can use when sending patrons emails. If you have any questions about finding the templates or how to log into the email, please talk to a supervisor.GMAIL.PNG


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