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Shift Swap!: May 2011 Archives

Hi everyone. I recently found out that I will be having supervision every Monday morning for my internship. This is mandatory. Unfortunately, I was already scheduled for two Monday morning shifts at work, so it is urgent that I get them covered. The dates are May 23 from 10-1 and June 6 from 10-1. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could take these two short shifts. Of course, I'm always willing to swap. They're on the board, so feel free to sign up at your leisure.

Thanks in advance,


Due to an illness we are looking for someone to work tonight - Tuesday May 10 from 6pm-12mid. Please let us know if you are able to cover this shift. Thanks!


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Hello all,

I have a huge favor to ask of anyone willing to do this for me. My best friend from high school is leaving for the Navy in a couple weeks and the last chance I'll get to see him is on Sunday May 15th when he is up here for a Twins game. I happen to work 12-6, but all I'm really asking for is that someone work the 3-6 so I can get downtown and take him and his family out to eat after the game. If someone did want to switch that week for any hours, I'm completely free on the 17th, 19th, and the 22nd and can take anyone's shift! I will appreciate it forever if someone could do this for me! (as well as fill in for you any time I can!!!)


Saturday May 7th

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could cover my shift this Saturday (May 7) from 1-6. It's all desk shifts, so plenty of time to study for finals :) It's my niece's birthday, and I would really appreciate if someone could take this shift. I would be happy to take any shifts that you need, provided they fit in with my schedule. I'll put it up on the board tomorrow when I go to work.




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