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Shift Swap!: September 2011 Archives

Hey all,

I was just writing to tell you that I recently posted my shift for Thursday, October 13th on the WhentoWork tradeboard. It is the closing hours of that evening, from 8pm-12midnight at the Basement Desk. I would very much appreciate anybody that can help me out that evening, as I have tickets to an event for that night only.

It might be midterm time by then, so won't you be in the library studying anyway? And being at the end of the week, Thursday nights are some of the quietest. Thank you so much in advance and I hope your semesters are all going swimmingly!


Shifts on Mondays!

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Hey Guys,

So there is this volunteering program that I want to be a part of that meets up every Monday at 6pm but I am working 3pm-8pm on Mondays this semester. I was wondering if someone would be interesting in working the 6pm-8pm portion (or more of it) for the rest of the semester. I'm totally willing to swap too. My Thursdays afternoons and Friday afternoons are available. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Thursday, October 6th

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Hello, everyone! So, I really need my shift on Thursday, October 6th, from 3-6 covered. It's not up on the tradeboard yet, because that week hasn't been published yet. But, if you know you will be able to cover it, let me know and we can work that out when its ready. I would seriously appreciate the help, since I have an appointment scheduled at that time, and even if I were to reschedule it would still be on a Thursday. As always, I'm totally willing to pick up any shifts that you need covered (within my ability). I don't work weekends this semester, so if you need a trade for a Saturday or something, I'm available.



Thursday 9/15 4-8 Shift

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Hello Everyone,
I'm looking to get my Thursday shift off next week. The shift if from 4-8 and it is quite simple, Mail at 4 and then covering the 2nd floor desk from 6-8. I posted it on whentowork a week or two ago if you haven't checked it out!

I am willing to trade or just give this shift away and am available to work many different shifts, just let me know what you would want to trade!



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