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Shift Swap!: March 2012 Archives

Hello once again!

So instead of the shift from 12-6pm, the shift is available from 3PM-6PM! It's only a 3 hour shift this Thursday, doing mail & one hour at the B-Desk. This is a great way to earn a little more money!!! :) I can definitely trade for one of your weekend shifts (not this weekend though)!

Gao Yang

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the super late notice, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in taking my easy shift this Thursday, March 29th from 12-6PM. It's already on the trade board up for grabs! It's my 21st birthday this Friday, but my room mate & best friend is leaving to New York for a conference later Thursday evening (she thought she was leaving Friday afternoon), so we really want to hang out before she leaves! It's just B-Desk & Mail shifts for the day: Mail for an hour and a half & most of the time, I don't get a lot of mail. Around a box & a half full - sometimes even less! Trade or drop is definitely okay, but for trade I'll be free on weekends at any time only (not this upcoming weekend though, sorry!).

Please help fulfill my birthday wishes! :)

Many thanks in advance,
Gao Yang

Hello everyone,
My grandparents are coming down from North Dakota on the weekend of the 7th of April and I was wondering if anyone could cover my shift from 12-6. I can try to cover one of your shifts, but unfortunately I have a very busy schedule.

Monday, April 2nd

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So it's my girlfriend's birthday a week from Monday, and I would like to surprise her and take her out, but oh no I work!

If someone could help me out with this, I would be really appreciative. We are a little short that day, so any hours you could pick up would help. Even if you work that day, if you could stay a little later and take a couple hours, I would very much appreciate that. I am at the 2nd desk from 5-6pm and the Basement desk from 8-12midnight. A few hours helps! Comment if you have questions. Hours on the tradeboard!


Hello all,

I'm very sorry to have to ask this again, but I'm in the hospital again and likely will be here through Wednesday. Is there anyone who can cover part or all of my shifts on those days? If so, please let one of the supervisors know.

Thank you. I'll try to cover any shifts you need in return when I can get back on my feet again.


Hey all,

Sorry to have to ask this, but can anyone cover my 7:45-12 tomorrow? I got very sick this weekend and have been hospitalized, so needless to say, i won't be able to make it in. Any and all help would be appreciated, and I'll attempt to return the favor once I'm released.



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