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Shift Swap!: October 2012 Archives

Hey guys,

I'm taking a trip to Seattle for personal reasons next week and need to trade off my shifts. I have slots available for:

Tuesday 7:45 - 10
Wednesday 6-Midnight
Friday 7:45 - 2
Saturday 4-9

I'm willing to trade or drop the shifts, whichever you prefer. If there are any shifts you can cover, please let me know as every hour counts. Shifts are available on the tradeboard or you can email me at


Saturday Shift

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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to have someone take my shift on Saturday, Oct. 20th. My family is coming into town and are looking to spend the weekend with me. The shift is from 4pm-9pm and has split time between the two desks and is usually quiet. I've put the shift on the tradeboard and if anyone could fill in, that'd be great. I might be able to work out a trade also to get around my tight schedule this semester.

Thank you,
Michael Gesch

Saturday Shift

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Hey guys,
I am looking for somebody to take my shift this Saturday October 6th. I am going to Duluth this weekend to visit family and it is somewhat difficult to get a Saturday shift filled. The shift is from 9:45am until 4 pm. If you can take the shift or just some part of the shift it would really help me out. Text me or send me an email and we can work out a trade!

Thank You,
Justin Trusty


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