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March 19th shift

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Hello Everyone,

If any of you are looking for some hours during spring break, I have a 12-9 pm shift on March 19th that I would be willing to give or trade off. I would be so thankful to anyone who could take this off my hands.

Kirstin Werner

Tim Out Friday, 21st

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Hello night workers!

I, Tim, will be out this Friday, and as I have mentioned to those working, your responsibility is to close the library without me. I have confidence all will go smoothly. For those Saturday workers, I will be in before you on Saturday as well.

Good day,

July 23rd, 24th, & 26th

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Hello friends,

I have been trying to plan a week that I can go home to catch up with the family and march into the wilderness to do some camping. I would really appreciate the help in picking up a few of my shifts to make all of this possible.

My shifts are as follows:
Monday - 7:45am to 12:00pm
Tuesday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Thursday - 7:45am to 12:00pm

I posted these hours on the trade board.
Thank you all kindly for considering to pick up these shifts!


Check your schedules!

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Hi students,

Congrats on finishing May term! This is just a friendly reminder to all that your schedule changes this week as we transition from May Term to Summer Term. Library hours are still the same, but schedules for all of you have changed. All shifts are scheduled in When to Work, so check the site!

I hope all of you are having a splendid summer, and an exciting Summer Term!

Wednesday, April 11th

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Dear Friends,
I purchased a ticket for a great show on Wednesday, April 11th here in Minneapolis; however, I work 6 to midnight that day. I would really appreciate if someone could cover my shift!
Thank you all,
Tanner Uselmann

Need hours covered?

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Hey all -

I had to make some changes to my class schedule, so I thought I would offer this: if anyone needs hours picked up on Monday or Wednesday afternoons on a permanent basis, I might be able to help. I have some free hours now, and would love to help if I can! Feel free to email or text me if you need it.


Hey everyone, I know nobody likes to work on Saturday and that you all are very aware of that the trade board does exist but I figured I would send out an SOS anyways. My sister's best friend is having her wedding on the 24th but I work 9:45am to 4pm. I don't have an important role or anything but she is like a second older sister who likes to try and boss me around and it would be really nice if I could go. I already RVSP'd before this schedule came out and I realized that I had a shift on that day. If someone could help me out that would be great. I can trade any day during the week before 4pm and all day on Friday. Let me know thanks!

Shifts next week

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Hi everybody!
I just wanted to see if anyone would be able to take any of my shifts next week, July 11th- 15th. I am going on vacation with my family, so I really need those shifts covered. I am willing to drop them or trade, and am also available nights and weekends if anyone wants some days off! The shifts are on the tradeboard, so if you're able to help me out I would really appreciate it! Just let me know so I can get those 3 shifts all figured out. Thanks so much!

Finals Week Schedules

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finals-week-owl.jpgFinals week work schedules have been completed. They are on the shelf in Mary's office.

Good luck to everyone on your finals!

Spring Break

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spring-break-color.gifWe will make a new work schedule for Spring Break. Availability sheets for Spring Break are posted on the bulletin board. Please complete and turn in by Monday, Feb. 28.

Spring Break Hours:
Saturday, 3/12: 12-6
Sunday, 3/13: 12-6
Monday 3/14 - Thursday 3/17: 8am-9pm
Friday, 3/18: CLOSED
Saturday, 3/19: 12-6

Regular Spring Semester Schedule/Hours resume Sunday, March 20.


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