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Aleph access and security
Aleph circulation procedures
Aleph Password Guide
Aleph Location Codes for Student Workers
Arthur Upson Room
Building phone list
Campus map
Classroom Video Booking Request
Computer Lab
Computer lab hours
Computer lab software (Scroll to the bottom for Walter)
Computer usage policy
Courtesy Copy Card
Creating a Quick Catalog Record for Equipment
Creating a Quick Catalog Record for Maps
Creating a Quick Catalog Record for Microfiche / Microfilm
Creating a Quick Catalog Record for Unbound Journals
Creating Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications Temporary Library Card
Creating SMART Independent Distance Learner Borrowing Cards
Desk Tracker
Direct Deposit
Directions to Walter Library
Elevator Outage
Elevator Out of Service Signs
Equipment Service Numbers
Exception to Loan
Fines disputes
Food and drink policy
Friends of the Library application
Guest log-in
IADS Customer Service Training
ILLIAD web circulation
Incident Report
Information Literacy Training
Library Handbook 1923.pdf
Library use policy
Loan options for unaffiliated users
Loan periods
Murder in the Stacks
Offensive materials policy
Oldest buildings on campus
Open access terminal policy
Other libraries' hours
Out of Order Sign - Copier
Out of Order Sign - Microfiche Reader
Out of Order Sign - Printer
Out of Order Sign - Value Port
Paying fines info
Peer Learning Consultants
Peer Research Consultants
Popular or scholarly source?
Printing in Walter
Priveleges, Faculty, staff, and student
Priveleges, Friends of the Library & Special Borrowers
Proxy application
Remote access for unaffiliated users
Room 101
Safety Alerts
Security Monitors
Security Monitor Hours Chart
Security Monitor Staff Photos
Shift differential
SMART Learning Commons
SMART Learning Commons consultants
SMART Learning Commons consultant schedules
SMART Learning Commons equipment
SMART Learning Commons equipment check-in policy
SMART Learning Commons equipment reservation
SMART Learning Commons multimedia consultation appointment and information
SMART Learning Commons reservable media viewing room
SMART Learning Commons reservable computer classroom
SMART Learning Commons software
SMART Learning Commons standardized tests resources
Special borrowers application
Staff equipment resesrvation
Study carrels in Magrath and Wilson
Study rooms
Supervisors' policy on Aleph security
UCard office locations and hours
U of M Salary Reports
Unaffiliated online recall form
Unaffiliated online renew

UMN Home Page
Value Port locations
Vending machine problems?
Video search
Walter events
Walter hours

Walter hours for the entire year
Walter Library 1925.pdf
Walter Library Dedication.pdf
Walter map
Walter renovation
Walter renovation article
Walter staff
Walter staff equipment and barcodes
What to do about disruptive patrons if no security monitor is present
What to do about stalkers
What to do if the SMART desk is unattended
Wifi help
Wise Owl Cafe and hours
Wise Owl Cafe collection
Wise Owl Cafe summer hours
Work rules
Work Rules training


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