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Who Makes Change?

There has been a lot of talk this election about “who makes change?? – John McCain or Barack Obama. For the last several weeks, I’ve been traveling across “middle America? (Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, upstate New York, Connecticut, as well as Minnesota) to promote my recent book, The Citizen Solution: How You Can Make a Difference. This has made me more convinced than ever that this is the wrong conversation.

The book tells many stories of ordinary people who have developed the skills and confidence to address problems and to build better communities – from inner city communities wanting to educate their children, to Minnesota towns integrating veterans as civic leaders, from suburban communities struggling against a hypercompetitive “me first? culture to young people organizing to tame global warming.

Everywhere, I’ve been impressed with the desire of people to get into the action – to become agents of change themselves, not simply consumers or spectators of politics. For my first blog, I’d like to encourage all readers of whatever views, in the spirit of the cross-partisan November Fifth Coalition, to send email questions something like these to the second presidential debate, a “town hall? on October 7th. They need to be expressed in terms of a particular issue you care about -- health, the environment, the economy, etc.

• Do you think that you can make the changes we need on this question [ ], or will many American citizens need to become involved to get the changes we need?

• If you believe that all Americans need to be involved in addressing this question [ }, not only on election day but every day, how will you organize your presidency to make this happen?

To submit a question, click here. You will go to a My Space debate site about the debates, the official 2008 Presidential Debate site, with a chance to submit a question.


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