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October 8, 2008

A Crisis in What?

It seems everywhere I go someone is talking about crisis. Turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, or listen to conversations in a coffee shop and you’ll hear constant chatter about the economic crisis. If you listen for a little longer, you might hear about the Georgia crisis. Religious and spiritual people are talking about a crisis in meaning. Al Gore and now the rest of the country are talking about an environmental crisis. All this talk about crisis is leaving me wondering: as we approach this election, are we headed toward the apocalypse—crisis like humankind has never before seen—or are we just getting a little excitable about some serious, but manageable problems? We’ve thought the world was going to end at least once before (the Cold War comes to mind), but we’ve made it this far. Then again, with the economy in the gutter, the environment headed toward doomsday, Russia and the “West? acting a little bit too much like they are headed toward Cold War Round II, and a complete lack of meaning in our lives, maybe we ought to be as worried as we are.

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