Kobe Bryant Doesn't Want Your Love

Bryant, written by Mike Sager for the Esquire.


Based on five days spending with Bryant, Sager conducts a story of him, who Sager described as "the most misunderstood figures in sports today."


Sager clearly organizes the story by different topics. He conveys three main aspects -career, family and public image -- of Bryant in three different scenes.


Another good thing about the profile is writing in the first person. Because it could bring the audiences close to the subject - a celebrity that is far away from our daily life -- and attract people's attention.


I think the first paragraph of the story didn't conduct very well, compiling too many details without showing the name, which just makes it awkward.


But the details work pretty well in the photo-taking story, which Sager brings a great amount of conversation between Bryant and his wife.

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