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nurture impacts on later life behavior

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During the period of time when from august to October in 1969. Two murder cases shocked the whole society of United States. The name Charles Mason became familiar to pu150px-Charles-mansonbookingphoto.jpgblic. All his notorious crime and his Manson family showed above the water.
When people got shocked, at the same time, we may also think that the reasons for mason's behavior. Some people believe that it is because of his genetic hereditary, other people think his childhood experience impacted him the most. No one actually knew who is his biology father and his mother had a lot offensive behaviors to other people.
In my opinion, his awful childhood experience which is the way he was nurtured made the most important role during his most life span. Mason's childhood was destitute and homeless, he was born when his mother was 16. As we can imagine, a teenager mom with a new born child, this situation could be worse. Manson's mother was allegedly a heavy drinker. According to a family member, she once sold her son for a pitcher of beer to a childless waitress, from whom his uncle retrieved him some days later. Mason fled from his own mother who rejected him after the court sent him to a boy school.
On the other hand, his crime may can't only because bad nurture impacts but also other problem. According to one of six principles in psychology-ruling out rival hypotheses, the nature biology impacts may not less important than his childhood experience.
All in all, mason's case is in the past, as how less we can do on the nature way, we can at least do our best on the nurture way. Hope there is no more masons in this world.

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