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Writing #2 Consciousness in microworld.


What is consciousness? This question has been asking for centuries. People are curious about both biological part and spiritual level. How it works? Why I feel like that? Tons of following question came out. Actually, if we want to have a whole look of consciousness, we need to open this magic box by learning the biological fundamental structure of our brain, neurotransmitter then the answer just lies within.
There are about 100 billion neurons and about in total 160 trillion neurons connections in our brain. With these brilliant discoveries, we clarify the misconception that the heart was the source of our mental activity, not the brain. With the signals passing by neuron cells, we literally have the "software" to active our nervous system. Consciousness is built upon all the material in our brain. Through the experimental psychology, scientists broke the misconception of our brain that we use only ten percent of this important body structure. It would be a disaster without neurotransmitters in our brain. When the signals pass one neuron and want to get into another one, they will be translated to chemical message from electrical signal. The neurotransmitters will take the chemical message into synapse. And when they arrive to another neuron, the neurotransmitter will be received by the next neuron. Actually, not all the neurotransmitters will be received by another neuron. Some of the neurotransmitters will reuptake by the neurons which release them, and some of the neurotransmitters will be destroyed by the monoamine oxidase which is called MAO. Because of all these incredible findings in psychology. We can have a more scientific conception about ourselves.
We need to appreciate the outcome from biology psychology and structuralism in psychology. The small gimps above has explained part of the mystery of consciousness. The artical from TIME with the like underneath can help people learn more about consciousness.

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