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Applying psychology for the real life

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After reading the first and second chapters, I learned the basic information about psychology such as the question that we always ask what is psychology and how to apply it in our real life. How to apply it in our real life sounds funnier for me! For example, I am trying to find hair-loss products for my father, but I get confused when there is ton of information about hair loss. When you try to use psychology to evaluate the ton of information in Media, you will figure out the main reason why we are confused is the misleading pictures and pseudoscience. And the pseudoscience might cause us to have lack of self-correction if we don't have enough knowledge about the products. Then what we need is scientific thinking in order not to fool ourselves. Just like the scientific thinking principle#1: ruling out the rival hypotheses, We should keep asking ourselves if it is good enough for the finding. Also we can do some research doing experiment or case study. Using psychological research or scientific thinking to evaluate the Media is good way to avoid fooling ourselves.The psychology helps us become better consumers in everyday life.

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