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Hello world, here I am. My name is Chenlong Wang, some of my friends call me Chenlong for short. I am an international student from China. Actually, I have graduated from one of universities in China, this is my second degree. But I just have four years programming experience. As to the programming techniques, "writing effective comments" and "code reviews" are the aspects that I understand well. While "defensive programming" technique is the aspect that I hope to accomplish in.
First of all, it is important for programmer to write effective comments while programming. That can make the code more readable. When I was a senior in China, I took part in a competition called "ICPC-ACM". I often wrote the comments of what I thought before I wrote down the exact code. These comments looked like pseudo-codes, it is the key to solving the problems. When I ran into some tough stuff, I can ask my teammate for help. It was easy for them to understand what I thought, because the comments are effective. Moreover I often studied some other teams' beautiful codes, I found that most of these guys wrote many specific comments besides their codes. It took me less time to reading the codes. So writing effective comments is an important technology for programmer to code. I think I have done it well and gained enough experience from these comments.
Secondly, "code reviews" can make programs more exact. When I took some trainings for the competition I mentioned last paragraph, our instructor often grouped us into small teams. These teams contained two members working together at one workstation. One typed in code while the other reviews each line of code as it is typed in. When I typed in some mistakes, my partner would fix it in time. While reviewing, my partner also considered the strategic direction of the work, coming up with ideas for improvements and likely future problems to address. What's more, we often switched roles to improve both the reading codes and typing code skills. Combined with effective comments, this technology can make my code more readable and exact. When the competition begun, our team received more "accept" than some others. I felt very comfortable while I code with these two technologies.
Although both technologies mentioned above can make my code readable and exact, there were still some bugs in my programs. I think the technology called "defensive programming" can solve these problems. When I did some android programs last summer break, I came across some intricate bugs, these really made me confused. For example, I designed a small application of contacts in android phone. Some Chinese character cannot show exact on my application. My instructor told me that was not mistake in compiler, that was the bugs in coding scheme, he suggested me to use "UTF-8" coding scheme to show Chinese characters. That Some bugs often arose in my programs and that made me very confused.

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