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One of the biggest inspirations for my LED graffiti project is the French Street Artist Invader. He goes around cities and installs his 8-Bit Graffiti art and then posts maps to find his pieces on his website.

LED Graffiti

I really enjoy the idea of using LEDs to make temporary graffiti. One way this is done is by attaching magnets to LED nods and throwing them at metallic buildings such as in this video:

Another way this is done sometimes (not always the best thing to do) is to make LED boxs and hang them up around town. A couple years ago the television company Adult Swim hung these LED boxes up around cities unannounced in order to promote the show Aqua Team Hunger Force:


The bad thing about this is that due to it not being announced, the police thought it was a terrorist attack and bomb squads were brought in to remove the light boxes.

Viedo as Art (and Some Cool Lights too)

Film has existed since the late 1800's and already by the year 1927 it was being used by artists to create their works. Fritz Lang's Metropolis is considered to be the best representation of German Expressionist film. Lang uses film to subjectively express his thoughts and feelings towards a subject, rather then tell a straight forward narrative.

Even Pop Artist Andy Warhol used film to create his rather odd works.

Musician Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails uses video and LEDs to create spectacular performances during NIN shows.

Minneapolis Philosopher, Writer, and Poet Azrienoch uses Typography based films to bring his poetry to life.

Even commercials for clothing can be considered works of video art.

How to Set Up LEDs

I am not sure about any of you, but when it comes to LEDs and me all I know is, "Look at the pretty colors!" Before I embark on this LED/VIdeo project I should learn me some stuffs about them. If any of you care to learn too, I found a quick and easy tutorial on them here.

David Firth

One of the people who really got me into video art initially was David Firth, the creator of fat-pie and Salad Fingers. At first I liked him because of his funny/scary/weird falsh animations, but soon I stumbled upon his video work. While mostly consisting of stop-motion work, there was something about them that always seemed a bit deeper and meaningful to me.

While I don't plan to do a video much in his style, he has been a huge inspiration to me and my work with video.

LED Video Project

url.jpegI am not sure this is exactly what I want to do with my project yet, but I have some basic ideas brewing. While I was in the first section of 2D Digital Studio I studied the artist Erwin Redl. Redl's main work focuses on LED installation pieces where he fills large rooms with grids of LED's.MATRIX IV blue.jpg His work is very minimal, simple, clean, and vast which all are things I am attracted to when it comes to art. Ever since then I have wanted to work with LED's somehow.

Here is a video or Redl and some of his work:

My other great interest in the art world is video related work. In the past I have made a couple "arty" videos:
I would like to continue exploring with video art and involve LED lights in some way. Those are my thoughts thus far, as more come I'll post them.

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