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Nexus One

I noticed that Google's new phone, the Nexus One, can come pre-jailbroke. When the iPhone first came out the big thing to do with them was to have them "jailbroke". This meant that you could edit and use the software in ways that Apple's original software would not allow. This was also a way to have and iPhone if you didn't have AT&T as your provider. Google's Nexus One can be "jailbroken" by Google for you for a hefty fee. I am not sure it's worth the price, but it intrigues me that companies are watching the illegal things consumers are doing with their products and finding a way to make a profit off of them.

Here is a video of someone showing off some of the capabilities of the Nexus One.

While it seems that it will not quite live up to the iPhone, it seems like a close option for those who want a smart phone like the iPhone, without paying the high monthly fee.

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