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Good News and Bad News

I have some good news and bad news. In good news, one of my classmates Trent went out and found some of my signs. Here are some pictures he took:




Now for the bad news... The day after I hung the signs Duluth had a freak snow storm that lasted pretty much all day. Now I thought I had weather proofed the pieces as well as I could, but the day after a friend of mine went out to see if he could find the signs and he had no luck. I am pretty sure the snow destroyed all my signs, but oh well. I tried :(


Here are some pictures of me by my piece in the Tweed during the opening of our class' show:






Signs Are Done

I finished up 6 signs, here are some pictures of them:








I have began making the actual signs, but I have run into some problems with the wiring of them. As soon as i get one of the sign up and working I'll post some pictures of them.

In other news I have decided that I am going to be hanging the signs up around downtown Duluth during the Homegrown Festival as to get the most exposure of my project to the most people I can.

Early Drawings

I made some drawings in Photoshop of what some of the symbols on my LED signs may look like:Thumbnail image for Arrow.jpgBomb.jpgPotion.jpgRupee.jpg

LED Video Project

url.jpegI am not sure this is exactly what I want to do with my project yet, but I have some basic ideas brewing. While I was in the first section of 2D Digital Studio I studied the artist Erwin Redl. Redl's main work focuses on LED installation pieces where he fills large rooms with grids of LED's.MATRIX IV blue.jpg His work is very minimal, simple, clean, and vast which all are things I am attracted to when it comes to art. Ever since then I have wanted to work with LED's somehow.

Here is a video or Redl and some of his work:

My other great interest in the art world is video related work. In the past I have made a couple "arty" videos:
I would like to continue exploring with video art and involve LED lights in some way. Those are my thoughts thus far, as more come I'll post them.

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