October 14, 2008


forgot to do my blog on week 4...
I had set up a free account on flickr and loaded a picture to it...very easy...
browsed around.. "explored" I guess...did a search on snowmobiles but found more than snowmobiles...
Found things that can be made out of photos...mini cards? not sure what there use is but they are cute.

October 6, 2008

It's a Wrap!

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises? several things...I always wondered what RSS feeds were! and Facebook and MySpace were very interesting to me as my kids are on it all the time.
How has this program assisted or affected your everyday work? The photo sites will be helpful to me in the future.
Were there any unexpected outcomes or take-aways that surprised you? That FaceBook and My Space can actually be beneficial and used in our work!
If another enrichment course of this nature were offered in the future, would you try to participate? Definitely! Keeping up to date on the ever changing technology is a must! This was a great way to introduce us to the different options available to us. Thank you so much! Now I wish that I had a little booklet of everything we learned ... like a cheat sheet so I don't forget!

web conferencing

Well, I set up a conference...
One thing I would mention about this is that sometimes it is not necessary to use the camera...to me it seems more distracting to watch because the presenter is moving or other things seem to distract from the presentation. What I have seen that works nice and appears to be more professional in the appearance of the conference is to just post a photo of the person who is presenting at the time. The swine group does this for their webinars for swine producers and it looks nicer on the screen than having the camera trying to follow the person talking. To me the camera's are not a good quality and it is very easy to just upload a nice photo of the presenter.

September 25, 2008


Last year Karen M helped a couple of us set up IM...we are using Pidgin. Sometimes I forget that I have it...have also used IM to talk with my kids at college...Not sure about Twitter. Sure seems that with all this technology, we have to set up a lot of accounts online (thats a little scarey!).

September 22, 2008

social networking

Thanks for teaching us about this...always have wanted to know more about it and exactly how it could be used. There really can be a useful purpose for facebook!

September 8, 2008

fun things

Always wondered how they did some of that stuff...enjoyed learning about JING. I may possibly use picnik as an alternative to edit photos. Senduit may be a better way to send large documents, etc.

wiki, twitter, moodle, wookie

Found all these terms searching the wiki links....where do they come up with these words?

August 26, 2008

podcast search

Tried to search for a podcast on the pod nova but always got the screen about "page not available' etc. Do you need to create an account for this? I'll keep playing with it...most likely it's operator error! These are all exciting tools!

is it working?

I signed up for some feeds however have not recieved notice of any yet. I tried to do Craig's list but have not noticed any yet so am thinking I did not do it right.

August 22, 2008


Trying to catch up on these classes now that state fair has started and the mad rush is over.

first time

This is scarey! Not sure what I'm doing.