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Visual Personality Test

Using simple prompts which ask people to answer questions visually, the visual personality test is amazingly accurate (in my opinion, at least).


I took the visual personality test, and I don't think it described me well at all. It was extremely vague and limited me to only liking "pretty things and having fun!" It made me sound like a spoiled brat for liking dance and coffee, and snobbish for hating feet. I was unhappy for the remainder of the night.

I just too the visual personality twst and I think it really hit the nail on the head so to speak.

That was actually a very interesting approach to a personality test. Since it was labeled a "personality test" I took the test with some sort of bias, so it turned out how I wanted to be haha. I liked how the results had very specific categories instead of "if you answered all A's you are..."