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Finding time

When reading the article finding time I wondered what is the plan of the article? Is it to show us that we are lazy? Is it to show us that we want to find a way to get things done faster? I decided after reading the whole article it was about how people are loosing their social skills.
The article starts talking about music and how you do not even have to meet someone to collaborate on an album. This is a problem with me because I was in the orchestra and music is a big part of my life. I think music is about feelings and without knowing the feelings you can not understand the true meanings. I recently seen on ESPN that a couple of journalists were debating whether what was harder conducting an orchestra or managing a baseball game and since it was a sports station one guy has to take the side of baseball and be the total jock that does not understand why conductors are important. He said the conductors are not even needed in the orchestra because the notes are written down in front of them and they know how it is to be plaid. I think this is a bunch of malarkey because the conductor is very important. Each conductor has different interpretations of each music piece they can add crescendos and slow the beat down which can change the piece of music drastically. This is why when you think that people can collaborate on music without talking to each other is not going to work because they will have different interpretations of the music. Most people do not understand this about music and does need to be understood.
This continues in the argument that people need to stop relying on technology because it is hurting people and their social skills. Have you ever meet someone that lacks the social skills to hold a conversation? Usually this person is someone who sits at home and finds time to be by themselves. They either spend time on the computer or reading in the corner of the lunch room by themselves. I am not saying they are not nerds or lame people, but I am saying is that they find it easier to be in fantasy land imaginings themselves away from where they are now because it is easier to understand. They are not accustomed to dealing with people and dealing with problems with others and this takes practice. Even I lacked the social skills because I lived on a farm and I had to be home to do chores but when I discovered sports and got a job in the food service industry I developed social skills because I was constantly working on them. With technology today people would rather play in the house on their play station or watch TV. This is hurting our society because we lack the social skills of a developed country.
Other countries tend to spend more time with their families going on vacations and visiting family in other cities. They also find time to pay for what they need and work less then typical Americans. This is because they do not find the need to have multiple homes and cars because it is not what they value. Even though Americans work more than the people in Europe they tend to view Americans as lazy and that is because we want it faster and easier with fast food and one hour photos and so on. This does affect us in our social skills and that is something we need to fix.


I think your position is very interesting because of the way both your position and the article Finding Time incorporated music into an example of our lack of social skills in society. First of all I agree that the American society has a problem with social skills because of the increasing technology that makes things easier in some regard however takes away from basic fundamental skills. When I nanny for one family in particular I find the oldest boy wastes countless amount of hours between the play station, x box, and TV. How much time does one person honestly need to be staring at a screen? I understand these games can be fun but as see this technology as addictive and not healthy for young kids to be playing. What happened to running around outside, playing with friends, socializing? Although new technology is great for the world we live in and help to improve and change society for the better I am not sure that it is healthy for kids to be thrown into so much at such a young age. It is also impacted by parenting because our parent’s generations were spoiled in a way because of the rising economy and the many pleasure they enjoyed as they grew up. Now as a result my generation is similar to our parents being that we aren’t afraid to spend money on luxury items. “We chose to have more stuff, the stuff sold to us through those beckoning adjectives—bigger, better, faster: Jet Skis, extra cars, second homes, motor homes, towering slab TVs, if not the time to enjoy them or to enjoy less commodified pleasures.? This generalization explains the fact why our generation feels the need to buy Starbucks daily and go to fast food places all the time. To conclude I think it is safe to say the need to spend money on luxury items and the lack of social skills are problems that the upcoming generation is going to have to learn live with or change in order to better our society.

I agree with you for the most part. I guess I interpret most of what is being said in the article the same way. With when you talk about the sports guy saying the conductor isn’t needed is a bunch of bull too. I think it is very important to have a conductor because it’s pretty much like a quarterback in football. The quarterback conducts what is going to happen the next play. They also have to interpret the defense and do what they give him. The conductor is the same way because they conduct the orchestra which the orchestra interprets what the music notes say and to play that note on beat with the conductor.
When you start talking about how people who sit in the corner or who never seek social activity I think it is more the fact that they are scared to talk to people they don’t know. They are not as willing as other to open up and talk about anything. Many people find this very hard to do because they aren’t social bugs. It does hurt this country because it seems to be happening more and more. The main way to communicate problems or good things throughout a country or group is to talk about it and if someday we are all shy and quiet we will have a lot of problems.