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Polygamy in America

Courtney submitted this video for position statements/responses. Have a look.


There is such a fine line between what the government should control and what should be left alone. When is it ok for the government to say when a certain lifestyle is illegal, and when it is legal? We see this argument almost every day with gay rights. Should gay couples be allowed to marry? Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children and have a family? Polygamy is different in the sense that it is one man with many wives, opposed to a couple of the same sex, but they are both searching for the same rights.

I believe in separation of church and state. I think that marriage should be up to the individual. If a woman wants to marry a man who thinks its ok to have more than one wife, then so be it. If a gay couple wants to get marry, it is no business of the state to tell them that they can’t. But I also believe in protection of others. And there are other people affect by marriage, these people are the children. What emotional and even physical complications can come from having a dad who is married to another woman than your own mother? In the movie they talked about how children can be switched by men if they like one better than the other. They can even marry inside the family.

I do not know what these things would do to a child emotionally. But before we go and legalize this type of marriage, we need to make sure every one affected is safe, not only physically, but emotionally.

When I watched the video clip on polygamy, I could not believe what I was hearing. The aspect of polygamy seems so cruel and unusual that I am disappointed that I have been so ignorant to this growing trend that is just a few states west from Minnesota. If a man, or in rare cases, a woman pursues polygamy as a moral belief in their lives, many people are negatively affected by the practice. Like Vicky Prunty said about her husband, “[polygamy is] not a partnership based on equality.? She also mentions that polygamists had “favorite? wives. One who practiced polygamy generally had a wife for maternal abilities, for sex, and for working. Already, that is four women that are violated and four women who are not on the receiving end of an equal partnership – marriage.
Gay marriage, on the other hand, is a unified commitment that is monogamous. Pruntry stated in the video that the children are being affected by polygamy. Rowenna Erickson said that polygamists would have sex with their daughters or other polygamist’s daughters, half brothers, etc. Incest is very inappropriate for a family life and the effects that it has on a child. Also, incest may lead to an inbred family which is highly likely to suffer hereditary complications. Gay marriage does not interfere with reproduction difficulties. Children, obviously, cannot be produced by gay couples; the consequence of damaging a child’s life with a harsh upbringing is low.
I understand the complaints about a child that is brought up by a gay couple. The statistics on the sexual orientation or the negative upbringing of children from gay parents is always changing; I am not positive what the outcome is or will be, but I am sure that polygamy has a much more negative effect on children. Honestly, watching your father switch around wives and then come back to your mother would definitely create a critical effect on the well-being of our public.

I am on the fence on this issue. After reading my2wives.com, I have been leaning to let people have multiple partners in a marriage. I can see some of the benefits. amy

amy - the site you mention is not credible....a blog from an unnamed supposed polygamist. I would have emailed you privately but alas you gave a bad email addy : www.my2wivs.com . Hmmmm self promoting ??

Oh and BTW the site is infringing on another sites copyright - another reason to not trust it.