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The Onion

Although I find The Onions headline disturbing and very inappropriate, I still think that it’s very affective in getting the reader to pick up the newspaper. I guess readers tend to want to read more about tragedies more than wanting to read about happy events. This could be because of the culture of fear. The culture of fear is defined as a term that refers to a perceived prevalence of fear and anxiety in public discourse and relationships, and how this may affect the way people interact with one another as individuals and as democratic agents.
By reading about the fearful events, or events that are of disastrous then it feeds into and in a way it reinforce the idea that if this event of fear is happening then therefore it must be happening ever where else as well. Barry Glassner a sociology professor at Washington University said that in our society American is afraid of the wrong things because of the media and this article demonstrate so I what it is saying. By setting their headlines and by writing about misfortune they are creating the culture of fear that Glassner is talking about through the media.
Although I believe that in our society without newspaper such as The Onions, many American wouldn’t know what to do. For example without the newspaper such as The Onion American would not know about the plain truth about the seriousness of the issue therefore it’s a good thing that The Onion can create such headline to appeal such serious event, but at the same time I think that it’s also doing so harm too. By that I mean harm such as feeding fear to the public. By just constantly writing about misfortune The Onion is implying that there is only misfortune in the world and there isn’t any good thing that happens in the world. Although The Onion is feeding the culture of fear at the same time it is getting the truth across therefore it’s both a good and a bad thing.
I personally think that what the Onion is doing is a good thing because it is giving the plain truth out so that the readers are aware, but at the same time I think that their headlines are too disturbing in a way. Although the headlines may be as disturbing as it is; if the headline can carry the message across than it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable the headlines maybe use it.