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Why Men and Women Argue Differently

While reading through “Why Men and Women Argue Differently,� written by Damian Whitworth; thoughts of all the relationship that I have seen in my life time merges from my memory. By taking what Whitworth was saying about men being in withdrawal while women tend to be more aggressive and wanting to solve the problem. Through all the relationship that I have seen; what Whitworth said in his article was valid arguments because I personally had seen arguments between husband and wife countless times. Every time that I have witness an argument between a husband; the husband tend to be more aggressive temper wise, but never really want to tackle the issue while wife wants to tackle the issue head on like what Whitworth said.
Wait, but does the data about men and women an argument apply to anyone in the world or does it only apply to the American population. After rereading it-most likely that it applied to most arguments that occurred between husband and wife, or in general men and women because if it didn’t apply to other people other than the American population then the author wouldn’t have mention about the argument between the women and men at the beginning of the article. With the thought that this article does imply to other people other than the American population-I went back and regrouped all the arguments again and found that most or all the argument I witness in the past where basically what Whitworth had said.
Every time I witness an argument the woman always tend to have more saying than the man. And also every time the man always keeps quiet never arguing back on what they thought, but also at the same time never acknowledging what the woman has to say. With all the account that I had witnessed in the past; I found this article very accurate, but it is not always true because there can always be exception to everything.