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The New America

When I read “The End of White America� article, I agreed and disagreed towards passages in the article. “America will no longer have a White America by the year of 2042� which I agree with, however, “there will be no white people as a race� is a statement in which I disagree with. I am in support of this article because it has sufficient information and facts that gives proof to the assumptions being made. It describes how blacks, Hispanics, east and south Asians are a huge majority of the United States population, which, even at the University of Minnesota we can see, is true. The passage also says “Blacks, Hispanics, East and south Asians will account of the U.S. population by the year 2042.� I think that this has already happened and is steadily continuing, even with the mixing of races, that those races are a huge majority of the U.S. today or will be in a couple of years.

Even the stores in big cities show that this country is not a white community anymore. Barak Obama, a man who has roots in Kenya, is now the president of the United States, which is an example that the United States is not a “White mans land� anymore. Walking around through metropolitan, even small suburb communities and through the mainstream media, the idols and famous individuals we now look up to come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds; African Americans, Hispanics, Middle-Eastern and Asians everywhere. Minnesota is one of the most welcoming states towards immigrants to come and start a life. Due to family connections, it is very noticeable to see that foreigners and immigrants are not only Hispanics, blacks, and Asians; but Somali’s as well, Minnesota being known as the Somali capital.

The information found by the census bureau in the article has been around for a while, even in the late 1970’s for Minnesota’s demographic center. The census bureau has always been very accurate about what information they put out, such as race rising, dealing with population, foreign population, and how many foreign student children are attending school. Therefore, reading facts, assumptions and estimations from the passage of the rising minority populations in the United States hold true and very probably in my opinion. “The groups currently categorized as the racial minorities will account for a majority of the U.S. population by 2042.� During the Colonialism of the Americas, many of the indigenous tribes had been killed through genocide by the Europeans and the Spaniards. Although there are many American’s today who still suffer from a phobia of foreigners, I believe that there is no way the entire population of “White� people of the United States will end in the near future.

The part I disagree about a part of the passage is that by 2023 that the “end of White America� and the beginning of the “first post-white generation� is when they said white people will not be a big race. I disagree because, even though our future will be consisted of many foreign born and americanized individuals that are of a different ethnicity, that it will not be the end of white Americans. It does not seem biologically possible for all Caucasians to just disappear like the wooly mammoth. The United States, being one of the only countries to still suffer and “practice� racism, the White supremacy, and the KKK (a top secret terrorist organization) will always be around no matter what, maybe not the same way they were 50 years ago, but in some type of manifestation. It is very unfortunate that there are still many people today who were born into, grown in and raise their children in the ideas of racism and being forced to dislike other human beings who do not “look� white. There are many “white� American’s today who even claim they are “part Italian, German, Irish, and French� and many other things, but still consider themselves “white.� Therefore, I do not believe the wording of “the end of White America� is technically correct, although I do believe that the idea of Manifest Destiny and the power of “white supremacy� will end.

A perfect passage at the end of the whole article was when it said that “this moment was not the end of white America; it is not the end of anything. It was a bridge, and we crossed it.� Karl Carter, a man that is from Atlanta’s youth oriented Guerrilla Tactics Media, said that white Americans will never disappear. White people will still be around like today except it will be different. One of the many challenges not only White Americans have to confront, but even other minorities of the United States who feel that the United States is their homeland, is that Americans in general have to become more accepting of many different types of ethnicities, cultures and races. We all have to understand that human beings, whether their dress, color of their skin, or what God(s) they believe in, that they are still human beings and should not be treated less. We have to challenge ourselves to not have a mindset of being “racist� and be more accepting and excited to have such a diverse country; that our children are the “first post-white generation� of the United States of America. The bridge that Carter was talking about was how White Americans have now crossed it and succeeded; now it is the rest of the United States to do the same.