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Born Believers: How your brain creates god

During the very hard times Great Depression the churches had a large increase in the attendance numbers. This is just one extreme example of this very common trend for the mankind. This does not mean that they are talking only the people that go to a church but could be a temple or a tea garden. Brooks specifically says churches saw an increase in attendance because he is referring to the great depression. This is true for any place of worship and prayer. The word church could easily mean the place of worship and prayer. Just like on the United States currency the phrase one nation under god, it means the figure that you as a person choose to believe in or the lack of a figure to believe in. All places of worship and prayer will see an increase in attendance during hard times in individual lives or like the Great Depression hard times for an entire country. This is due to the natural need for comforting and counseling that naturally people desire. Another example when people turn to the church for answers is during marriage when things are going downhill and the future is looking like divorce. The couples that do not want to end in divorce and loose each other often turn to church and prayer to keep them together as well as counseling. This does not ride on the reason that the divorce is failing it could be money issues, sex, or whatever that is not important. What is important is that many families turn to the church.
This is what they are trying to prove is related to science. This is strongly questionable. This would mean that somehow religion is programmed into your DNA. This also means that when times get hard that more people are more likely to attend their worship and prayer complex. Atran says that “religion emerges as a natural by-product of the way the human mind works.? This seems way more realistic. Can your DNA be programmed that you are Christian, Lutheran, or Jewish? The ways you are raised as a child and the religious beliefs of your parents have a strong in pact on your beliefs. This is just like things like personality and maturity level. The link behind people attending their worship and prayer complex when times get hard is the same idea. It is traits that you learn from example and your examples being the people around you. There is no science behind people going to their worship and prayer complex when times get hard. It is the natural process of the human mind. People looking for comforting and counseling naturally and many people turn to their worship complex for this. It is a reliable place to go and a very comforting place that you are always accepted into.


I agree with the things you said and I like the way you broke it down. When you said the ways you are raised as a child and the religious beliefs of your parents have a strong impact on your beliefs, this is very true for me because my mother is a christian woman and she goes to a baptist church and has been going for a long time. Since I've only been to a baptist church with my mom since I was younger it's just a natural process that I continue to go to a baptist church. Church is a reliable place that I know I will always be accepted in and if I were to go to a catholic church just to learn, I'm sure they wouldn't turn me down. I don't think Atran in your DNA had anything to do with your religious beliefs. Cognitive development is when you learn from watching and being around people and it's a stage that start very early in your life.

I agree with what you are saying. The will and need to go to church is not something that is programmed into our DNA. It has to do with how we where brought up and the experiences that we go though. There is one this that I do disagree with a little. You said that there is no science behind your will to go to church, and you back it up with the fact that it is the way that “you are raised as a child and the religious beliefs of your parents have a strong in pact on your beliefs.” well, I hate to break it to you, but that, my friend, is a little something called imprinting. Imprinting is a science. I did this last year in AP biology with a baby duck. I got a duck at about 2 days old and took care of it until it was almost full grown (much like your parents). Soon, this duck, Aarbear (Air-bear), started to know me as his mother. As time went by, Aarbear started think that he was not a duck, but a something like what I am, a person (like the views and morals you parents instill upon you). He actually did not know how to act around other ducks. When the project was over, I gave him to someone who has a duck farm so that he can relearn what he has lost from becoming a “person” like you and me. Science is everywhere, whether you like it or not, much like God, and there is nothing that you can do to get away from it.