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Pass the tissues

Dick Cavett hit it right on. Yes, man that cry may be considered “pantywaists�, but if that is the case, then every man at one point or another is a “pantywaist“. I asked a few of my male friends if there was anything that has made them shed a tear. Most of them said no, but I find it hard that in eighteen years of life, nothing has made them cry.
I know exactly what Cavett is saying when he states that “ there are two kinds of tears. . . the kind produced by the death of your dog. . . or by the loss of a loved one.� and the tears that come from being moved beyond words by a piece of music, a painting, a verse from a bible, or a speech. In 9th grade, we had a family tragedy. My grandparents had lost a son, and my dad had lost a brother. I cried for weeks after, I still find it hard to hold the salty water droplets from falling today. But, I had also had the most opposite of tears fall from my eyes. Last year, in band, we played a piece called “Nimrod� from “Enigma Variations�. By the time we had finished playing I found along with myself, that some of my fellow players and my conductor were moved to tears. Even while reading this article I found myself choking bad a few tears when Cavett put in a few stanzas of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic�.
Cavett lost me a little bit when he started to talk about former president Bush. “What does this have to do with the article?� was the main question on my mind. But I could not suppress my roaring laughter that brought tears to my eyes when he asked “Do freshman philosophy classes nowadays debate updated versions of the age-old questions? Like, how could a merciful God allow AIDS, childhood cancers, tsunamis and Dick Cheney?�
If you think about all the times that you have cried, most of them are pretty memorable. The time your dog had to be put down, the time that you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or that time that you played a music piece so well, that you moved the crowd to tears, including yourself. All of these times, you always carry with you. January 20th was one of these times. It was a moment that was “just plain for the country�
I really was amazed when I heard that even with a mob of more than a million, that not a single arrest was made, and that you could here a single pin drop though the whole inauguration. That is just not in the nature of the human race. This really was a historic, moving, emotional day to remember, and that only scratches the surface. It was a day that was worth crying over.

“Historic� and “historic moment� and “historic day� were repeated mercilessly, but remained true. Only a zombie could fail to feel the truth of it.�


I agree with what you said " If you think about all the times you have cried, most of them are memorable" because when I was in the 6th grade my dad died and I cried for a long and took it pretty hard. Even though my dad has past away I will always remember him and he will always be in my heart. I think when people cry for whatever reason it's like an emotion feeling in your body that was just hit and you have to let it out through tears. Obama's inaugration was a day worth crying for because it was like an unbelieveable emotional moving, historic day that will never be forgetten. I am proud of Obama and his accomplishments and I believe he has many more in the future.

I also agree with what you said in your paper. I have many guy friends and I know they say that they don’t cry because they try to act tough, but I think we all know otherwise. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it’s just an emotion. Sometimes emotions take over and you can’t stop them. That’s not a bad thing either it’s just a way of expressing yourself. Instead of talking it comes out a different way. But like you also said crying can mean happiness or the fact that something moved you and just took over your emotions or crying can be from a loss or being sad or upset about something. I too cried from Obama’s speech along with many other Americans. I’m proud that I was here to experience that crucial moving time in our nation’s history. Now I can tell my children and grandchildren about this experience and a tear may roll down my wrinkly face when I tell it. It seems to me that the country knew that this was a turning point but didn’t realize the impact it would actually have. Many people knew it would be a moving experience but never thought they would just lose it and cry. It goes to show how much of a force it had and how some amazing things can make you feel without being able to control them. It’s one of the things that make us human. And it’s that one feeling that swept America on that historical day.

More than 2 months later, January 20th the weeks preceding it still ring clear in my mind. With the way the news buzzed about Obama’s inauguration, it was clear that the event was not just centered around swearing in the President. Fact is, the event captured the soul of America by becoming one of the must see events of 2009. Nickelodeon covered the inauguration. Time magazine ran the “Year of the Youth vote”. Eva Mendes made the news because she was refused a ticket, claiming “It’s the hardest party to get into.” Despite this, several prominent Obama supporters such as Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen were in attendance. While not at the actual event, many celebs turned out at an MTV hosted inauguration party. Obama effectively caught the attention of the youth, the media, and the celebritys and put on quite a show for America.

The excitement and gusto following January 20 was short lived. President Obama gave his first address to a joint session of Congress on February 24, 2009. Barack Obama again masterfully commended his words, the first time a President did so in 8 years, to persuade people not to be excited, or even hopeful, hence emotional, about the current economic crisis in attempt to soothe the concerns about the state of the economy. He acknowledged that the confidence of the American people was shattered. Party time over.

“What is required now is for this country to pull together, confront boldly the challenges we face, and take responsibility for our future once more.” Barack’s words brought a distinctively different applause than from his inaugaal address. There was a somber mood in the air. If people are still crying, it’s not because of overwhelming emotion. It is perhaps, because they lost their dog, or house.


Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boringˇK I miss your super writings. Past several posts are just a little out of track! come on!