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The End Of White America

I agree and disagree with some of the remarks that Hua Hsu mentioned in his article "The End of White America". I agree with "were approaching a profound demographic tipping point" and what he mentioned about the U.S Census Bureau and a "post racial age" that Blacks, Hispanics, East Asian and South Asian will acount for a majority of the U.S. population because I also read in the "Minnesota Population Projections by race and Hispanic Origin" article "white alone population will have slowest growth", "black alone population will grow rapidly", " asians alone and hawaiian and other pacific islander alone population will show strong increase", " american indian population will grow less than other non white population", " latino population projected to almost triple over thirty years". I think this article proved Hsu's point, but it showes how diversity is changing in a specific state instead of America as a whole nation. America is going to be even more diverse that what it was before. I think this change will have a postive affect and impact on the way in which americans live there life in the future. Being African American, I'm glad that "whiteness is no longer , a precondition for entry into the highest level of public office" and the nation has changed drastically since slavery when African Americans didn't have that many rights. It seems as though most americans citizens and people who become american citizens are getting more respect and treated more like human beings.
. With Barack Obama being the first African American president, he had some people thinking that they'll never see a day like that in history. Barack Obama is a Democratic and his whole presdiency had me thinking about when Jesse Jackson, an African American who is also a Democratic ran for president twice in 1984 and 1988 and lost both times. In 1984 he lost against Walter Mondale and in 1988 he lost against Michaek Dukakis. Racism were more predominate back then and Jackson was so pro- black and not trying to help everyone in America as a nation. Jacksons and Obamas plans were so different, Obama is trying to help America the best we he can and trying to keep the economy from getting worse.
I think it's very important to have a man like Sean Combs to look up to. There are some people who would've never thought an African American Sean Combs could become as successful as he is and can mount up to what Tom Buchanan did in the Great Gatsby. " Combs is both a product and a hero of the new cultural mainstream."
I disagree with Bill Imada when he said " I think white people feel like they're under siege right now- like it's not okay to be white right now, especially if you're a white male" and when a sixty year old white man said " I really feel like the hunted. It's a hard time to be a white man in America right now because I feel like I'm being lumped in with all white males in America, and I've tried to do stuff, but it's a tough time", because life isn't easy at all. When theres an increase in different races sometimes you just how to learn to deal with them by accepting them or not accepting them. Stereotype is also apart of life and a lot of people are stereotyped and they can't do anything about it. But no matter what changes that America goes through you can always try to be yourself in your own certain ways. I don't think that no amount of change should have you questioning who you are as a person.
Matt Wray observed some white students in his class and when he asked them who they are, they replied " I don't have a culture", I don't think that these students should feel disadvantaged and marginalized or that there culture is not cool or oppositional. I think society have a great impact in the way in which these students feel. When it comes to the stereotypes, news, radios, television, media, and other people's actions and reactions these are the things that make these students confused or feel different about the things they believe in or knew. These students face racial identity problems that I think can be solved or dealt with even though it might be complicated.
I think the power of racial hiearchies and racial identity will always be talked about in varies ways by Americans, because not all americans have the same views and beliefs as other Americans. An increase in ethnicity in America in the near future may have some americans thinkning they don't like it and other americans might like it, but when it comes to Americans there are to many of us and everyone can't be pleased and they just have to deal with the rules that the we come up with as a nation. I don't think " being post-racial mean that we are past race completely" but I do agree with "merely that race is no longer essentaial to how we identify ourselves. " I think it is important and benefical to Americans to dicuss lifestyles, culture, and race or ethnicity. Hsu did an good job of crossing a bridge and he is right about "this moment was not the end of white america; it was not the end of anything." There will be many more articles to come about this same topic and the might be about different issues.