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Hey look, Virgin For Sale!

Our economy might be tanking, but at least we know where our spending priorities are. While selling your virginity might seem ridiculous, desperate, or even just out of the norm, we all know that it is not. A bookstore owner bought Che Guevara’s hair from the CIA for $119,000. If Jesus graces your pancakes, you are guaranteed at least this months rent, and if you come across Marilyn Monroe’s notebook with her celebrity numbers in there, well, that’s an easy $90,850. But lets not give the celebrities and worshipped too much credit. Average people like Natalie Dylan deserve to put themselves, literally, out there as well. (http://www.dropshiparea.com/wordpress/2008/11/17/848.html)

It turns out Tim Harford was right, Life is logical. Although pro-life educators still push abstinence education programs in school, the pledges seem only an opportunity for teens to practice their signatures. According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, virginity pledges may be ‘useless’ when comparing ‘pledgers’ to ‘nonpledgers’. http://www.lsureveille.com/news/studies_show_virginity_pledges_do_not_work-1.1598269 If everyone else is doing it, then its only logical that Natalie Dylan does too. If anything, Natalie proved that she could learn from the mistakes from others. Why waste time signing a pledge when she can set up a profile on the Moonlight Bunny Ranch website.

The up and coming ‘Marriage and Family therapy counselor’ was not the first to attempt and capitalize on the “role of women” in society. The Play Boy Bunnies implored people to explore their mansion, 50 cent took us to the Candy Shop, Little Jon told us how to Get Low, and Britney Spears Did It Again. Oops. Whether or not Miss Natalie earns a buck or two, I doubt the sex industry will pull a Bank of America. Natalie does have one thing going for her, however. “ [She’s] been congratulated for my "entrepreneurial gumption," as one CEO of a Fortune 500 company put it.” I bet Christina Aguilera is kicking herself for not being the first to think of selling herself for her first.

It is increasingly apparent that Ms. Dylan should be recognized as a model for all women; she is taking a stand by laying down. Now some may argue that by allowing the media to flock to Natalie, we are “sitting by complacently” (Global Comment) as the male mindset gets its way, but that’s only usually what happens. Natalie after all, offers her full consent to the issue at hand. Because Natalie is a “women studies” major, her understanding of the “Feminine Mystique” must allow her to avoid the “great crime against her sex’, which is still chained by being valued only for sexual services’. She may be in fact a better model for women than Sarah Palin was for the Republican Party. After all, The few minutes McCain knew Palin before hiring her for the job is about the same time Natalie will know her highest bidder, except Natalie will earn roughly 3.8 million, instead of spending 150,000 federal money on designer clothes.

Natalie Dylan leaves the Daily Beast audience hanging when she alludes to a future trend, but I fear the only impact Natalie will have on the world perception of women will be the impact she leaves on her highest bidder. It is not as if her actions will cause markets to hire less women, lets face it, markets are no longer hiring anyone. But if the goal of feminism is to ensure that women make as much or more than men, then Natalie is definitely making more than the average American man and engaging in serious academic work. I hope Natalie Dylan is right. After all, if horny teenagers aren’t satisfied with the sex industry as is, then I do not see any reason why childless parents should be happy with the adoption system. Does any one know where I can find a baby on Craigslist?


I am against the way Natalie Dylan is portraying herself and the experiment to sell her virginity as part of a sociological experiment and to develop her own personal beliefs and to show an example of why women shouldn’t be property of men. She also says she is doing this to pay her tuition and she is not necessarily going to choose the highest bidder. I think out of the different experiments some one could have came up with this is the best one she came up with and the best way to develop her personal beliefs. I think Natalie could have worked, applied for scholarships, applied for financial aid, took out a loan or got a grant for school. That’s some of the more responsible ways to pay for your education if your family isn’t wealthy. I think even if she goes through the Moonlight bunny ranch its still prostitution because she is selling herself for cash. By doing this is she really a “model for women?” I argue with what you said that “the only impact Natalie will have on the world perception of women will be the impact she leaves on her highest bidder.” I think Natalie just found a way for her to become famous. One day I watched her on the Tyra Banks show and they said that she wouldn’t get all the 3.7 million dollars and she would only get a certain percent. I think that’s a bunch of bullshit with her saying she won’t necessarily choose the highest bidder because if she was just looking for a nice guy she hasn’t found him by now and why hasn’t she stopped taking bids, it seems as though the bids are steadily increasing by life changing amounts of money. Women can make much more money than men it seems as though it is unlikely but it is possible and women have done it in different ways than Natalie.

I cannot argue that Natalie Dylan is not making a good economical business transaction, but at what cost? It has been adopted almost since the beginning of media that sex sells, but who would have though a woman’s virginity would be worth so much. Natalie says that deflowering is historically oppressive and fathers of the past were basically pimps looking to pawn their daughter off to the highest bidder, I think this opinion is rather biased, she says nothing about the father wanting a good man and life for his daughter. Natalie talks a good game how virginity is somehow an oppressive tool to keep women in their proper social standing; therefore she is somehow standing up for feministic rights? This is where I get lost.
If anything, I think this is an act that furthers the degradation of the female sex. Historically, women have always been sold for sex in some form or fashion. The only difference now is that Natalie will be rewarded for the oppressive act, greatly. I do not see the scientific value of the experiment. I think is too logical an outcome, she is offering herself to men, and obviously lonely rich men will pay for a lay.
Despite all my dissent, I cannot say that I wouldn’t do the same if I were in such a female’s position. It is a wonderful and easy way to become a millionaire, if you can agree with it morally. I think we can all agree that the money is made from the exploitation of feministic features and the abuse of those features.

It may be an easy way to become a millionaire, but how is this not borderline prostitution? What is this saying to all the young girls all over the country watching this news story? She is telling them that it’s ok to sell your body. She is setting a standard and there will no doubt be others following her path. Like you said, she is starting a future trend.

I think the beginning intentions of this are very interesting. As a women’s study major, it’s a fascinating and very interesting experiment. The original intentions were just to see what the public’s reaction would be, she wasn’t intending to follow through with it. Apparently the public reaction was just too good to turn down. The highest bidder, to help pay for tuition. As a college student doing this all on my own, I can’t deny that that amount of money would change my life, but for me, it’s just not worth losing my integrity.

Yes in the past things were different. Fathers did get to pimp out their daughters, and control their future, but times have changed. Women have rights. We can vote, we can go to college, we can be CEO’s. We have just as many rights as men, including our fathers. Why should we let men once again take control of the situation? Women can only truly be treated as equals in this country once we demand the respect that we deserve.

I really enjoyed reading your article, but there are some things that I agreed on and some that I didn’t agree on. Selling your virginity is ridiculous. How can anyone do that to there priceless body? If someone paid $3.7 Million I am sure many women would, money is power, money can make people change the way they are. You then talk about virginity pledges being useless. I do agree with you and Tim Harford, it is useless. I believe that virginity really means nothing to most girls; I am sure that when we were all younger we pledged to be this and that but as we grow up, we start to forget what was pledged and do what ever pleases us.
Natalie has been congratulated by one of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company because she is doing something that smart business by earning a large sum of money for something she doesn’t really value. You stated “It is increasingly apparent that Ms. Dylan should be recognized as a model for all women; she is taking a stand by laying down.” I believe that she should not be look upon as a model for women. She is giving a wrong message to other women in this society that is saying that it is okay to degrade their selves as humans to sell their body to men. If you saw a prostitute by the street waiting for customers, will your first impression be a negative or a positive impression? Probably a bad impression and giving her names like slut, whore, etc. Wait, shouldn’t she be congratulated too by a CEO of a Fortune 500 company? I actually see Sarah Palin a better role model for women. Palin is a woman who is in a strong position in the political world. She had the chance to run for Vice President with Senator McCain. Palin is clearly giving the message to all women that other women that they can do anything just like men. That is power to the women.

“It is increasingly apparent that Ms. Dylan should be recognized as a model for all women; she is taking a stand by laying down.”

To Clarify, that would be an example of irony.

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