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Hymen or Prostitute?

There have been arguments between men and women in our society on who is the dominant sex. Both genders have equal rights, but it is very apparent in our history and even in our society today, that woman do not have equal rights. For Natalie Dylan to do something as outstanding as her [experiment], it shows the reality of what the United States society has been teaching young women, including the educated women. The experiment of Natalie Dylan of selling her virginity to pay off her tuition and doing it for research purposes is a degrading act, not only for herself, but for all women of the United States and all over the world.

Any kind of woman that sells herself is not a form of empowerment or self-respect; it is an act to prove something that does not exist. Our history has been proven to look at women in specific ways and treat them in certain manners that are discriminatory. This act that Natalie Dylan is attempting to prove is an act to reassure those who discriminate on women that they are correct. Natalie does not want young girls to look up to her on what she is doing; she is simply jumping on the bandwagon of society’s critical and discriminatory views on women. Instead of being a role model or teaching true empowerment and leadership, she is enforcing a degrading point of view for young girls all over the United States through a ridiculous act.

Natalie selling herself for $3.6 million may be a good way to pay off her tuition debt due to college, but the manner and ethical foundation this is based on is completely unfortunate for all young women. On television on TLC and CNN there are shows and arguments about women making money from prostituting; and we see prostitutes on the streets making a living off of pleasuring men and girls on craigslist asking for sex and money; this is exactly what Natalie is doing except has the (reasoning] that it is for experimental purposes. Instead of going out on the streets on a day to day basis to EARN well-deserved income, she is just bidding on a one time expensive sex call to last her for the rest of her life. Even illegal prostitutes on the streets in the United States are against what Natalie Dylan is doing; the prostitutes go day by day at least legitimately earning their income; hookers, prostitutes and strippers cannot even come close to making that in one life time.

Since the American society and big forturne 500 companies are allowing Natalie Dylan the right to sell her virginity out to anyone that is rich, it is implying that all women have the right to do such thing. Despite the fact that prostitutes do it every day in our streets and neighborhoods, because Natalie is doing in for [educational] purposes is appropriate. Everywhere in the world is going through an economical crisis and our society in the United States, willing to do anything for more money and more power, is looking for new opportunities to raise this idea of power. Due to this corrupt society, the generations from here on out will be influenced by this culture; the culture of materialistic luxuries and unnecessary things in life that do not make life important.

Women will go out and do the exact same thing that Natalie is doing and rich guys (in our hard living economic system) will have no problem buying their virginity and sex from them. The new culture of the United States has one more person to thank for the corruption; one woman is giving the right for all people to look at women in the same way as they did in our history. If researchers are willing to put time to see how much a girl can get from her virginity it is a massive letdown for all women and our future generation of what is to come for the society and culture of the United States. Researchers should be doing something progressive that would help our environment, or finding new technological purposes that can make good use for everyone, and help fix our economic crisis; not spend time researching about a virgin, college student prostituting herself for large amounts of money.