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Mall of America a Sports Stadium!!

After reading the Mall of America position article I have learned a lot of things that I never knew about. I have been to the Mall of America twice and have never noticed the things they mentioned in the article. Just how they say that you learn something new every day, today I became educated on the Mall of America. The Mall of America was once a stadium for the Vikings and Twins back in the day. That is why after you start looking at the mall you think about why it is so big and then your told that it was a stadium at one point and then you understand why it is so big. It is also interesting how the first indoor mall was built in Minneapolis, Minnesota which was the Southdale Shopping Center. It was originally the first Mall of America before the Mall of America took over the stadium that belong to the Vikings and Twins in Bloomington, Minnesota, which was rebuilt and the mall opened later on when the sports teams moved to downtown Minneapolis. The Southdale Shopping Center was the world’s first enclosed mall and was built in 1956 by the Minneapolis department stores.

Also in the article they pointed out a very good objective that the United States does not have many things that says ‘made in the United States’. Ian Frazier, the writer of the article, also wrote books and one of her places to go sign books was the Mall of America. She always had an escort that she took to the book signing and selling, which was when she learned about the Mall of America. Ian learned the history through her escort who grew up in the area and knew a lot about Minnesota. One time when Ian came to Minnesota early before a book event and she studied the Mall of America before it even opened looking from the outside and the looks of where everything once was when it was a stadium. Then she started to ponder on a store that was a level up from the ground opening. It was a United States of America Pride store. She went in there when it opened and that was when she realized that we have very little things made in the United States. She looked at where things were made and she realized that there was only maybe five or less things made in the United States and why is that. The United States imports clothing, glass items, pretty much anything we use or have today. The reason why we import most of the things we have today is because it is cheaper to have them imported then to be made here because we cannot afford the things made in the United States and also that it is more cost efficient.

The Mall of America is almost the largest mall in the world except for the one in Canada but if the Mall of America adds on to the south it will take back the title. The Mall of America does have the most shoppers and visitors, however. It is also known to be one of the best tourist attractions in Minnesota. The largest shopper response during the Holiday Season in the Twin Cities area takes place at the Mall of America where people will spend hundreds of millions—very close to a billion spent just in the holiday season.

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The Mall of America is one of, if not, the greatest tourist attraction in Minnesota. It’s a place that has anything from a movie theater to a theme park to almost any department store possible. Before reading this I was aware that before the Mall of America stood the Metropolitan Stadium, home of the Twins and Vikings for over 20 years. In fact, I’m pretty sure that they still have the seat on the wall near the Flume ride where Harmon Killebrew hit the longest homerun ever hit in Metropolitan Stadium. Along with the seat is where home plate was in the stadium somewhere in the theme park. I did not know that there was a Mall of America previous to the one today.
Also, I was not aware that there was a possible expansion on the Mall of America, but I can definitely see it happening. With the economy as it is, expansion will create more jobs for people both with building as well as the new stores going into that area. Of course it could be built simply to have one more reason why the United States is better than Canada.
Speaking of the economy, it’s interesting how Ian Frazier talks about products made in America versus the rest of the world. Although importing products from other countries may be cheaper, it will only help one company, while possibly hurting three or four others. It steals jobs from workers who get the materials, make the products, etc. and sends them overseas to stimulate other economies around the globe.

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