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Pray before you go to hell

The article “Born Believers; How your Brain Creates God,” holds a truth and reality that many people live by on a day to day basis. In the world today, many things have to be “scientifically proven” for it to be a fact; everything has to have proof of where it originated from and why. Each generation has become more technologically advanced and has various methods of investigations and analyzing stories and data. For example, there have been many scientific investigations in attempt to prove and disprove the story of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. The entire world is diverse in politics, economics, cultures and beliefs; there are different beliefs in higher beings, saviors and God’s such as Buddha, Allah, Brahma and Jesus Christ. In the article it states, “During the Great Depression… most authoritarian churches saw a surge in attendance. … Only now is science beginning to tell us why. Our brains effortlessly conjure up an imaginary world of spirits gods and monsters, and the more insecure we feel, the harder it is to resist the pull of this supernatural world.” After analyzing the article and the reasoning for people’s faith, not only are religion and their beliefs a way of life, but it has grown to be an explanation to why humans feel obligated to believe and have faith in a higher being.
As a way of life, people have their religion and their beliefs in God completely integrated in their lives; starting early in the morning praying before the first meal of the day and each one there after up until before falling asleep. Women are to stay a virgin until the day they are married, children have to be baptized when they are born and men were to be strong for the entire family and support them with everything he could. The bible, originally to be told as a story, is a book of rules and ideas that people are supposed to follow throughout their entire lives so they can be with God. The sins were to never be committed, and if they were, you had to confess them to God and to the Priest for forgiveness. People had to dedicate at least one day a week just for God, some more than others to demonstrate their true dedication to their Savior. People believe that if they show the dedication to God everyday, they will go to Heaven. Not only do they pray from him throughout the entire day, but they pray for the “after-life” they imagine they will have when they pass away. One of the most powerful reasons why people choose to turn their beliefs to their religion and in God is the idea of what will happen to them once they are no longer able to walk on Earth. Living in a world of ideas and beliefs in the supernatural, the idea of higher beings gives humans the idea of protection and security when we least feel it.
“It turns out that human beings have a natural inclination for religious belief, especially during hard times.” Humans have the desire for tangible things, but long for those that are not. We want to have the luxuries in life; money, cars and big houses. However, we desire the intangible even more; fame, love and happiness. Many people turn to God or their religion when they have problems; they feel that if they pray, their faith can relieve them of their problems. Whether the problem may be of financial issues, family illness or just simply want to have a better day than the last, people turn to their religion or their higher being for help, luck or something as brilliant as a miracle. Many people believe they have no one there to help them get through their problems and that God is their only hope; that God will solve everything and make everything better. When something unfortunate happens to a person, that person will believe that it was not their wrong-doing, or the fault of another person, but will believe that God did it for a reason. They believe that God has done this to them because they will learn from in it in the long-run or because it was meant to be.
There are many people who are not religious, but when that time comes where they feel they have absolutely nothing in life, are about to lose their life or even feel like they will lose something important to them, they will automatically ask God for help, for strength and for happiness. Humans will search for their higher being, the One who has the image of always being there no matter what. The idea and beliefs of God brings humans a sense of happiness and security that is difficult to find tangibly. In the generation that we live in today, humans always need answers, and if answers are not given, they are investigated until a conclusion has been reached. Scientists question in a higher being and their research has given them answers. Similarly to how psychologists wonder why people act a certain way and why, scientists have wondered what is it about God or the idea of a higher being, why humans feel the necessity to have God in their life and why is it God that we ask for forgiveness and not an actual human being. Scientists have proven their methods by having people take public surveys, and have gathered a lot of quantitative information. “It seems that our minds are finely tuned to believe in Gods;” our minds run on electricity and electricity is a part of the science of life.


I agree with some of the statements that you have written about believing in God. The statement about God and how He did create the world and that He is with you all the time but you just do not see Him. But then you also have people that believe in evolution and how it created the world. But the most surprising thing that you mentioned is that people blame God if something bad happens. He is always with us but if something bad does happen we cannot blame Him because it is not His fault—it was just meant to be. I wish you would have cited more of your work so that I could be able to relate to it more. But it is a good write up that you stated that you believed in God and that to pray so everything goes well and that God is listening no matter what.

I agree that there definitely does seem to be a tendency for people to believe in a higher power. And, the idea that people turn to their deities when they're in need of a feeling of safety and reassurance is very convincing. Still, this feeling doesn't apply for all people. My parents were formerly both Catholic but became Agnostic/Atheist later in life, and I was basically raised agnostic. I was never directly told by any family members that a supreme being did or did not exist, but they explained what they believed, as well as what more religious people tended to believe, when I asked. Personally, I was given the choice and never felt any outward desire to have a higher power guiding my life. I often hear people say that they are "spiritual but not religious" (and of course I know many people who consider themselves religious) but I've found that I'm not even a "spiritual" person. Scientific evidence, despite its inherent uncertainty, is enough to fulfill my need for understanding the world.

But beyond myself, there have been large-scale religions and societies without any supernatural deity. Buddhism is a perfect example. Though they have strong spiritual beliefs and a prophet who went beyond the abilities of normal humans by achieving enlightenment, all that the Buddha did is possible for anyone else who completes the path to Nirvana. So even a major religion is an example of people who do not feel the need for a higher power in their lives. As history continues, people will believe in deities as they have for millennia, but that belief has never been truly universal.

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