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The Mall Of America basically a rectangle with four smaller rectangles

In this article Ian Frazier mentions a lot of things about the Mall Of America that I had no clue about. I think the mall is more than just a rectangle with four smaller rectangles. Us Americans love to shop and spend money and not only are the Mall Of America allowing us to do that it is also giving us a historical site to see and remember. People who have never visited the MOA want to really see it because it’s the biggest mall in America and they probably heard some amazing things about it that they can’t believe. With some many people going to the mall of America yearly, it is a great place to get publicity that’s probably why he chose to write about his book signing at the MOA.
I don’t think it’s anything wrong with stores coming and going in the MOA because that just like any other mall or buildings that’s been sitting somewhere for a long period of time. That’s just like when he mentioned about Metropolitan Stadium, that’s apart of construction and technologies keeping up with business and money industries. Its one big obvious thing that has also changed Camp Snoopy is no longer there it’s called Nickelodeon Universe now.

In reality do people really think about home plate, the metro dome stadium, and what the MOA use to be while there shopping or kids running around Camp Snoopy ( Nickelodeon Universe). I know I’ve never thought about what the MOA used to because when I’m there it’s usually to have a good time; to shop, hang out with friends, eat, or go to the movies. “In fact, most of what the entire Mall sells was made someplace far away.” I don’t think the MOA is the only mall or place that has items that’s not made in America. A lot of goods that America imports are from different countries around the world. I think Ian is only making a controversy about it because of the name “Mall Of AMERICA”, but it is the biggest mall in America so what else would you call it. It’s cheaper for the United States to import goods from other countries then to make them on our own.
When 9/11/2000 first struck I heard plenty of people saying that the MOA would be a great target for a terrorists attack. But how many years have passed buy and still no bomb has went through MOA and I hope it never will. I don’t think that the security at the MOA is allowed to tell or show all of the security plans for the mall. “I didn't see any of the cameras myself. No police squads and no soldiers patrolled. The only security change I noticed was a policy regarding kids fifteen and under: now they must be accompanied by an adult if they come to the Mall after six in the evening on Fridays and Saturdays. This policy has existed for some time and is not aimed at terrorism”. This isn’t true because every time I visit the MOA I see plenty of security guards and police officers walking around or standing at major entrances, all vehicles delivering or picking up goods at the Mall of America must first submit their vehicles for inspection at the Mall of America Security Inspection Station, The commission of any act defined by Federal, State or local ordinances as a criminal act is prohibited, Guns are banned on the premises, Using or possessing consumer fireworks is prohibited, and Mall of America Security Department is a highly respected, professional and private security organization with State-of-the-art technology.


I can understand what you are saying in this position statement. I also read about the Mall of America and found out things I guess I had never considered and which are interesting to me. For example, the mall used to be a stadium. All I could say was wow and wanted to read more. You also said you heard that the Mall of America would have been a perfect target for terrorism and I have heard that too. Many people wonder why it has not been hit, but if anyone knows, they are not telling. Also with the items being sold I also agree with what you said about that there are plenty of other malls or shopping places that do not have items made in the United States. Actually many of the things we buy are not made in the United States because it is comparatively advantageous for certain products to be produced elsewhere. Not knowing much about the security at the mall there are plenty of cameras, security cards, and cops on duty to make the mall safe for the economy. Today the stores are closing because the economy is so poor and that people are not able to buy as much as they used too. But hopefully after a couple of years things will turn around and new stores will open up again. Such is the cyclic nature of a market economy.

I agree with you that the mall is definitely not best described as “a rectangle with four smaller rectangles”, though I’m not sure that’s the exact point that Ian Franzier’s article was trying to make. I personally like to think of The Mall of America as a type of living organism; it’s ever-changing, always growing and constantly full of life. I even feel as though the mall has taken on a livelihood of its own as our nation’s largest mall and a tremendously powerful tourist attraction. Like you, I don’t think much about the mall’s history when I’m out there, though I know I have a lot of personal history with the mall myself. Most Minnesotans our age can probably remember Camp Snoopy with nostalgia, and I know that I have vivid memories of my father taking me there when I was very young, of my first time riding the log flume, and of being terrified of the giant Lego-Dinosaurs in Legoland. Personally, these histories mean more to me than the fact that it was the original Metrodome, and those are the things that I am more likely to think about when I’m out at The Mall of America. I don’t mean to say that the site’s history is insignificant; however I would argue that people generally care much more about their own personal experiences at the mall than they do the site’s pre-mall history.
I also agree with you that the mall’s name really only needs to be taken to mean that the mall is literally IN America. I don’t expect the Mall of America to be especially so-called “American” anymore; the place has become incredibly diverse, and perhaps that’s one reason it has remained so popular. While at The Mall of America, you can find an incredible array of things to see and do, things to buy, people to see and foods to eat. Actually, the diversity at MOA probably makes it just as “American” as the omnipresent themes of BIG, MORE and CHEAP which keep it running.