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Valuable Virgin

Natalie Dylan is clearly a very educated woman earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, and soon to enter a Masters Degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy. It is quite a surprise to me when she decides to auction off her virginity online. If I was to hear this from someone and not by reading the article that Ms. Dylan published “Why I’m Selling My Virginity” I would assume that Ms. Dylan has made an asinine decision. After reading her article, what surprise me the most was that her virginity is worth 3.8 million dollars and she auction herself off to hear the public’s response.

With Ms. Dylan’s education, she is not making a senseless decision. She realized that she could use her virginity as a tool for power, a power over men because that is what us men think about all the time. Ms. Dylan also said “what’s to stop me from benefiting from that? It is mine, after all.” She is correct and from the numbers, she is benefiting a lot for her virginity. I agree with Ms. Dylan, virginity is nothing special, it is such a big deal to most women because of the media, friends, parents and religion. People always say the good girls are the virgins and when people hear about this or that girl is not a virgin anymore, most would say that she is a slut. What Ms. Dylan is doing is a great idea and as one CEO of a Fortune 500 company put it "entrepreneurial gumption." She is doing what many who are as educated as her would not think of doing what she is doing, she is doing what a smart business person would do, something different.

While I do agree that what she is doing is smart, I also think that what she is doing is wrong. She is making a big stand for women but in a negative way. She says that it would give women power over men, but I see that she is just spoiling men. Just like a kid, if you give them what they want, they would only cry for more. Ms. Dylan states “These days, more and more women my age are profiting directly from their sex appeal, but I’m not sure other women should follow my lead,” I hope that other smart women do not see this as a smart way for power because in this society, we only see the hopeless and the desperate as prostitutes.


I agree and disagree with some parts of your position statement. The part I do not so highly agree with you is that this is not a great idea. The way she is putting herself out there is not right and brings women rights lower than it is today. People look at women rights as a joke because of stories such as this one. Yea it is great that she is making a whole bunch of money up to 3.8 million dollars but the way she is auctioning herself off like that is not a smart, but a dumb and low move to make to make that much money. But if Natalie does not care on what other people think of her and look at her, more power to her.
But the part that I fully agreed on was the part in paragraph three. When Natalie said that “through this, women can get power over men”. It is sad after generation from generation; the only good thing that women came up with to get over powering rights over men is to give their virginity and sex away. Good accomplishment by attempting and finding what men’s weakness and power is; but couldn’t Natalie or any other women find something else that is more educative and right to produce more power over men? I wrote a position statement and I said the exact same thing that you said at the end of your paper saying I hope women do not actually look up to Natalie. Instead of prostituting themselves to make money in our hard living economy, I hope women would want to instead make good money by going to school and getting a good education.

I find your position on this subject quite interesting, especially since your opinion seems to differ from that of the rest of us who also wrote about Natalie Dylan. I can almost agree with you that what she is doing could be considered as smart from a business standpoint, however I do beg to differ that what she is doing is really not that different from the basic prostitution that has been around for centuries. Not even internet-based prostitution is rare anymore; In fact, the internet is arguably the best way to go about buying/selling sex these days. On top of that, not even auctioning your virginity online in order to cover your tuition costs is a brand new venture. In fact, back in 2004, 18 year old Rosie Reid (of London) auctioned off her virginity online for 20,500 (in U.S. dollars) for basically the same reason that Ms. Dylan is. That said, I really don’t think what Natalie is doing is that incredibly creative or full of “entrepreneurial gumption”, at all. The only thing that seems to be separating Natalie from the prostitution-norm is the enormous amount of publicity she’s gotten, and the incredible amounts of money she is being offered.
I also notice that you say that you agree with Natalie that “virginity is nothing special” however, the article and even your position paper, seems to suggest the exact opposite. If virginity were nothing special, would one person be capable of receiving 3.6 million dollars for it? Would the media be so intent on following someone who is auctioning off her virginity publicly if people weren’t interested? Would so many people in our class be writing about this article if we all didn’t have our own special opinions on virginity?
Sure, maybe in a sense, virginity is just a physical thing, and maybe it doesn’t have to be as important as we make it. Nevertheless, we have made it that important, both having and loosing it, both to men and to women.
Lastly, I found your statement, “people always think that the good girls are virgins, and when they hear about this or that girls not a virgin anymore, most would say she is a slut.” to not only speak to the importance of virginity in societies eyes, but also to the incredible double-standard between men and women. Obviously if being a “good girl” means being a virgin, and to be a non-virgin is to be a “slut”, having your virginity is incredibly important to your social status as a woman, and makes all the difference between being considered “good” or “bad”. Also, it raises the question of why men are so often viewed as “losers” if they are virgins, and only become truly masculine once they are no longer virgins? Though I know you don’t specifically say anything about that in your paper, it still seems like this underlying question that has to be considered, especially because the inequalities between men and women seems to be more or less the premise of Natalie Dylan’s “experiment” in the first place.

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