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World's Most Expensive Hymen

Men have always been the ones that are the takers of a woman. The more women that men have had intercourse with the more masculine society has shown them to be. This is the exact opposite social status for women. Women are suppose to stay virgins until they are married and lose that to their husband and the one that “owns them”. This is one reason why Natalie Dylan is auctioning her virginity has been so controversial. This is her way of showing that women can have control over men. Even though men are the takers of a woman’s virginity and have been the ones in control forever. Natalie is proving that what they want, in this case, they have to pay for and she chooses who will be the lucky guy, so she is in control. Sure this maybe a way for women to have more control in the world. But this is not the way to do it. I mean come on do you seriously have to sell yourself to try to prove that women are in control over men? Some may think this is the perfect way to control men because they want sex and by this you control who gets it and so on. But I think that this shows that the only thing that women can do is over power a man using sex, using their body since men have always been in control of this, now she’s trying to turn the tables. You can’t turn the table on this one; men were physically made the way they were just the same as women are, we can’t change the way god made us unless we have extensive surgeries to have a sex change. But that’s getting really extreme.
What ever happened to women using their heads and being smarter to out power men? There is nothing wrong with trying to over power a man, but its ridicules that she is using her body to do it. I mean don’t you have a little more pride and dignity then that? This struggle between men and women has been going on for a long time and there won’t be an end to it anytime soon. So let’s come up with a better way to prove that woman can over power men. This way just shows an easy way out and a big fat check to pay for college. The sad thing is that this does prove that our society is highly ran on sex appeal and Natalie’s experiment is working because the bids keep coming in for this attractive 22 year-old. They are already up to 3.8 million.
Natalie wrote her own article bout why she is doing this to explain it to everyone. She is doing this as a research project in grad school and I realize that it is her body and she can do what she wants with it, but the method that she is choosing to pursue is what frustrates me. She explains that as girls grow up they are taught that their virginity is sacred and that they should hold on to it until they get married. Ever since Natalie went to college her professors changed that point of view for her. That helps me understand a little bit better as to why she is doing this because her virginity isn’t important to her, but instead she is using it as a tool. Everyone has their own beliefs and thoughts on things and to her this isn’t important but to use yourself as a tool is a form of prostitution. This sociological experiment that she is doing was a way to test how society would react but things have switched around and now society is testing her. Which I think is very appropriate. She has this new idea, people always criticize new things, which stir up emotion in all type of people to what they really think about the topic. This has given her a lot more media attention then she anticipated. She should have known that it would give her a lot of attention because this isn’t something that people that graduated from college with a degree do as research projects on a daily basis. In fact it’s not something women usually publicly do ever and the fact that she has gotten such high bids already is a different story. The one thing that she does say that I agree with is the fact that I don’t think that other women should follow her lead and that society isn’t ready for public auctions like hers. Except she says society isn’t ready yet, I hope it never is.


I like your position on this subject, and I think that, really, we are in agreement. You point out that “the struggle between men and women has been going on for a long time, and there won’t be an end to it anytime soon.” I agree with you there, and I also have to wonder why there is a need for one sex to overpower the other. I think it’s safe to assume that men are the more powerful sex in our society, and in at least most of the societies in the world, but is the only other option for women to overpower them? It makes me wonder why it isn’t a more common goal for the sexes to simply be on equal footing in everything, rather than one needing to control or top the other. I would think that someone as intelligent and educated as Natalie Dylan might see and appreciate that option, especially with her education in Woman’s Studies, but apparently she is more interested in exploitation and the pseudo-power it affords her this one time. I also think it’s ridiculous that she claims she is attempting to turn the tables, yet she is still the object. (albeit very expensive)
She seems to think that she is opposing the system by doing this, yet, by reducing herself from a beautiful, intelligent, and educated young woman, into a mere sexual item that can be purchased, she is ultimately feeding the sexist patriarchal trend.
You say that “There is nothing wrong with trying to over power a man, but it is ridiculous that she is using her body to do it.” As I said above, I really don’t understand why one sex has to overpower the other, but I do realize that women doing things that objectify their body in the name of “power” is actually quite common, and happens in many different ways. I feel that you would agree with me that if a woman does want to overpower a man, or, to truly be considered his human equal, dignity and education are much better ways of going about it then treating your body as something to be bought or given as you would an object.

I think your position is dead on. As if a woman’s body, sexuality and virginity aren’t exploited enough in today’s society, Natalie Dylan has to go and do this. What ever happened to someone’s sex life, or lack thereof, being a private and personal matter? It seems like that’s all anyone ever talks about or is interested in anymore- who’s sleeping with who, who’s still a virgin, who’s not and old were they when they gave up their ‘v-card.’ I think a reason for all of this hype about sex directly ties to what is portrayed in the media. Tabloids talk about celebrities sex lives on a constant basis; movies and television shows sexual activities going on between younger and younger people- it’s not private at all anymore.

I understand Natalie’s virginity is her own to do with what she pleases. Thesis experiment or not though, selling yourself as a tool, even if it’s educational, is a form of prostitution and I cannot believe someone with a degree in women’s studies would be willing to exploit themselves in this manner; You think she might have a little more class. In my opinion, it is really a stretch to say this experiment is linked to the power struggle between men and women. If a “a woman’s worth is intrinsically tied to her ability to sexually titillate and produce offspring,” meaning her virginity is very highly valued, how could Natalie even consider doing something so degrading as selling her ‘worth’ (which in today’s society is extremely hard to hold onto) to pay for her schooling, which last time I checked did not cost 3.8 million dollars (Global Comment). She must have another motive. If she has already concluded that women should not follow her lead, why would she continue with the experiment? Natalie is right about one thing, like you said,- society isn’t ready for public auctions like hers I hope it never is, either.

The way you presented your position statement caught my eye by the title to the whole paper. I agree with everything you said. There have been arguments between men and woman in our society on who is the dominant sex; and both genders having equal rights but everyone can admit that woman do not have equal rights till this day, no matter what anyone says. And for her to do something like this is really ridiculous and she can present woman rights in a better way instead of trying to sell her body. And is this not some kind of way of prostituting herself? I mean common really she is selling herself to get money, I would not doubt it if she was one of the girls that are on craigslist asking trades for money and sex. The ending part about how she does not want any woman and girls to follow up to what she is doing will probably not happen.
Well I agree with you and hope that this does not happen because if this does, it will be our children doing this and asking for money through their virginity, and the way our society is with technology, our children will be younger than 16 using computers. Since she is selling herself for a high big, other attractive young woman will go out and do the exact same thing and rich guys in our hard living economic system will have no problem buying their virginity and sex from them. If a girl Is going to be selling her virginity for research purpose is sad, we went from keeping our sex secrets to ourselves and loved ones; to now exploiting them on bids on how many people would want to sleep with me for such high bids. “Society isn’t ready for public auctions like hers I hope it never is, either.” When I read this statement I totally agreed with you, but as you can see from this it is already happening.

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