April 2, 2009

Death or Pleasure?

After reading and looking at the pictures of Jessica Dimmocks photographs, I was sickened by the views of her giving head to a man aside the road, having sex, and bleeding out all of the blood that streams through her body while shooting herself up. Yes these pictures are sickening and disturbing, what it is what people love to watch. Everyone loves to watch people suffer.
When it comes to today’s social life and media, everything deals with violence and sickening views. From violent shows like UFC, worlds dangerous scenarios, and Spike T.V. Including sickening, deadly shows like Crime T.V. and websites as for people to view sickening pictures of deaths that had happen to people. As you can see everyone loves violence and deaths that is the one of the biggest entertainment viewings people watch and love. So for Dimmock to make a project like this is very difficult and hard.
The way Dimmock presented herself in this project was a smart young woman that was innocent and a nice grown girl. But she wanted to explore more of what meth heads go through; which is one of the hardest things a person could do. Simply coming from being innocent to being in a household and having meth put on a plate every single day. By being a photographer and only having her camera, she takes evidential pictures of everything that goes on in the household. Innocent people in America love seeing what people are initially afraid of. They love to watch the horror and suspense people go through, in movies, shows, but they get into it even more when it is reality setting in.
One of the websites that people like going to is It is a sick website where FBI, crime investigators take pictures of how people died and post them up on a website for peoples entertainment. The website includes t-shirts, press, porno, mug shots, and legal rights on the website. But the biggest reason why people visit the site is because there are sickening pictures as a guy gets his head chopped off by a helicopter and photographers take up close and personal photographs of these dead people. There is another picture that caught my eye on it which it is called knife fight. And the title explains what the photographs are of, a man getting into a severe knife fight and having gauging cuts all over his back, ribs, and chest. The website has gotten a lot of public media, which over hundreds of thousands of people visit to watch and view the pictures for entertainment. And since our media of creepers have gone up to strange weird things; Dimmock presenting herself with porn, drugs, and sadness has made big media towards people that like that stuff.
Not only did Dimmock show us sickening, touching pictures of what she went through but this is a quote out of her article that she said. “All I was thinking about was, I wanna get high. I wanna get high. You know, I wanna get high. I guess the junkie life was what I wanted. I had really no other aspirations. I just never tried to do anything. The only thing I really wanted to do was, you know, get loaded, and sit around and do nothing. So that's what I did.” Anyone can read this part and realize that people’s lives get destroyed. The person they were before is gone, and it shows the only side effects that happens when you do drugs; the negative side of drugs. It shows that there are no feelings or personality left in a person after taking drugs; you lose yourself through everything you used to have.
From everything that I read and saw on Dimmocks article, I was not grossed out or had any negative side effects, I was actually amused and thought that the pictures were interesting where I stared at each picture for five minutes. I am one of those people that are stuck into violence and death myself, I find all of it amusing because it is not a thing I see every day or even occasionally. Unlike the hymen Natalie Dylan, Dimmock took a chance, a dangerous one that could have ruined her whole life, but she did research on a whole new level, by actually experiencing it. The way Dimmock presented herself was dangerous yes, but as Dimmock said at the end of her whole research article “You can explore further... you should explore further.”

February 21, 2009

Born Believers?

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