August 22, 2006

About Myself

Hello! My name is Ashley. I was born and raised in Rochester, MN. I have one sister, Amanda, and we are currently living with our parents at home (though Amanda is looking into moving soon). I graduated from Century High School last spring. In addition, I graduated from Rochester Community & Technical College with an AA in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

I have a summer internship with Congressman Gil Gutknecht's office, of the 1st District of MN. It is a lot of fun and a really good opportunity. AND I've managed to keep the office fish alive all summer! (With the exception of the one that died the first week I started . . . but does that really count??)

This fall I am a student at the Carlson School of Management at the U of M, TC. I don't know what major I will end up with, but considering I will have one in 2-3 years, I have to start making up my mind! This fall will be the first time I am living away from home. I have an apartment with 3 other girls on campus, so it will be quite different.

I love swimming, dancing, movies, and music. I danced for 14 years with Janet Lang Dance Studio and I played piano for 11 years. I love random factoids that are meaningless to most people. I love ice cream and Subway. I think most flowers are beautiful, except for when guys use them to get themselves out of the doghouse or prevent themselves from entering! I could be considered a studybug, but that's only because certain things need to get done first . . . (okay, okay, so I AM a studybug!)

Now I am finishing up my full time internship and then packing, cleaning, and shopping for dorm stuff!!