What Controls You?

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Do your days consist of an early morning meeting, all-day conference calls, and unlimited loads of schoolwork and many chores around the house? All of these can build up stress in one's minds if he or she does not take a course of action. The way to cope with these stress related issues is through exercising. According to The Mayo Clinic's article, "Stress Management", there is a direct (Correlation vs. Causation) relation on how exercising can reduce one's stress level. Some highlights the article emphasizes are how working out energizes your endorphins and sheds your daily tensions through movement and motion. The article also reflects and lastly it increases self-confidence, lower's symptoms of depression and ultimately improves one's mood. This is an important issue because there are many stress related issues that could easily be prevented through exercising. This topic is important to me because working out greatly helped me maintain calm and collect through my dad's battle with colon cancer and his passing two years ago. I do not know if I would be the same person today if I did not exercise the way I did. An alternate explanation for reducing stress is eating a well balanced diet. For instance B vitamins boost immunity, improve one's skin and protect the body against cancer. Another example is that Calcium prevents heart disease and reduces blood pressure. Maintaining a well-balanced diet is important because it's proven to reduce one's stress amount. Because ultimately in the end, it is our life, and stress should not control us, we should control our stress.stress/SR00036/NSECTIONGROUP=2">

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