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Getting the Most From Technology

when talking of funding.. i am lucky. in indiana technology has its own budget in capital projects funds. i can count on xxx amount of money to use for the calendar year. i can adjust percentages as i see fit. if one year we need more hardware i can alter the numbers to get what we need. when thinking about the other articles i have read, we are in phase I... acquiring the equipment necessary for faculty and students.
i have recently disabled the modem bank in our data center, it is a security breach (most people won't try to hack through a dial-up... but still) i would love to implement wi-max for our community and offer internet to all corporation employees and students. portal design would follow allowing all users to see the same offerings to resources when using our system. uniformity aids in learning to use technology from many different levels.
our recent survey stated that most faculty use the classroom computers rather than the compuer labs.. too inconvenient (45% say they use the lab seldom/never)
Technology is a supplement and needs to be intertwined with curriculum. indiana doesnt have separate technology standards.. we have our tech standards interwoven with academic standards.
..."teaching is becoming progressively unneccessary." (my pastor said this on sunday and it stuck..