BA 1001 Post

I'm a freshmen at the Carlson School of Business right now. I'm from Waukesha Wisconsin. I've lived there my entire life. I played baseball and and basketball througout high school. One of my favorite things to do is go up north in Minong Wisconsin. Up there I like to hunt, fish, and just relax. I only make it up there once or twice a year because it takes over six hours to get there and being in sports its hard to find time.
I chose the University of Minnesota over the University of Wisconsin Madison because of the business school here. It was important to me that I know I'm accepted into the business school now compared to having to apply to the business school at Madison before my junior year. Another influence on my decision was I'm now only two hours away from Minong and I can now go up north more often. So far I'm really happy with my decision.