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July 20, 2006

Blog Assignment

I would decribe interdiciplinary study as the study of a topic from the point of view of different diciplines, not solely through the eyes of your own area of expertise.

The work I am doing fits within my concept of interdiciplinary inquiry because I am looking at foreing films (the arts), from the perspective of the social sciences (health issues, social ills), anthropology and cultural studies (racism, diverse ethnicities and cultural traditions). For me, I find it fascinating because it is difficult to look at a dicipline and not consider other factors and perspectives. It seems as if you're not getting a complete picture otherwise, just a tunnel vision.

July 11, 2006

Reply to Cheri re: Thesis question

The reason for these misrepresentations is two fold. One Race, class and gender. While the country purports that it is one of the least racist countries, in fact racism is alive and well there however subtle. The other is, they don't know what to do with the poor. They've scooped them up to the hills for the most part snd forgot about them and only want to see them in town if they're working in service positions. The face to be shown to the world is the sterotypical one on the samba, canival, etc. Brazilian film of the 90's and 2000's is showing another side of the country. A realistic look at the condition in the city. Hopefully this will help bring the populus to reality and to realize that they have to start facing these problems instead of sweeping them under the carpet.

July 10, 2006


This concept is very new for me. I love our coversations in class, but I have to get used to this random thinking via the internet. I guess I just prefer the face to face contact. The thoughts and comments that an in person conversation triggers. I was reading some of the comments on my classmate's blogs and I feel very inept, Maybe (probably) it is my insecurity with the form of conversation. A thesis question (that I've heard before) "Is technology making us an antisocial nation?" I like the huiman face to face interacion. While automated and computerized conversations have become necessary for businesses to be competitive financially, must we extend this to our personal relationships? What ever happened to calling you classmate up on the phone and asking them to explain the homework? I guess I am just all too romantic. In many ways I should have lived in 1900, although I wouldn't want to give up my modern comforts.

Oh my God, I'm blabbering on my blog. I must really be in thesis hell!


I imagine that "women and children of the favelas in contemporary Brazilian film (and literature?) and the dominant culture's paradigm" is my topic.

The question is?? ? How has the dominant culture's (mis)representation of the lives of women and children living in the favelas in film contrast to contemporary Brazilian cinema and their relationship to the poor in America?

I would say tha the images of poverty stricken but happy samba singing, dancing and playing women and children (primarily Indian and Afro-Brazilian) is far from accurate. In reality the favelas and drug infested, ruled by gangs and gang warfare and are without basic social and human services. This reality as depicted in the new Brazilian cinema adrresses the tremendous problems facing the poor of Brazil today, especially in the cities.

As Sarah suggested I could go on to talk about the relevance to this this country. The comparisons of poor women and children in our society and the many socio-economic problems facing them. Can the situation in our own country escalate to these proportions and what we might think about doing to prevent it.

Is this focused enough??

Is the so what, their poverty situation and the it could happen here?

Thesis question

Is anyone else having trouble? I've spent the weekend writing out ideas and questions and getting deeper into a muddle. So far I've come up with
"Women and chikdren of the favelas in contemporary Brazilian film and the paradigm of the dominant culture."
Is i specific enough? I sure hope so.
Any comments or suggestions?