Beauty Product Ads Have Negative Effects on Self Esteem

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The Journal of Consumer Research analyzes the effects beauty product advertisements have upon women- and the conclusions are rather grim. Studies conclude that advertisements portraying products such as mascara or high heels leave women feeling worse about themselves. It seems rather obvious that women would feel inferior after seeing beautiful models prance around on television screens. However, there's a catch-- humans were not included in the ads, only objects. Therefore, women have a negative self-response after viewing only beauty enhancing products, themselves. The end of the article notes that this finding may correlate to the foundation of "retail therapy," or how women cope with certain situations by shopping, which I think is an interesting insight.
This article does not articulate research methods used very well, however I think if a random sample of women was questioned in a one-on-one interview, the findings could be very reliable and valid. Of course, the research questions would have to be well-formatted, unbiased, and not leading.

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