Research Re-vamps Study Habits

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The article "Forget what you know about good study habits," written by Benedict Cary criticizes research behind study methods. Cary states there is little support for the idea that people are "visual learners" and others are "auditory learners," or some people are "right-brained" while others are "left-brained." A group of psychologist found almost zero support for these ideas.
The article also explains traditional study tips that are preached by professors and mothers around the globe are completely false. A study shows that students who study material in two separate locations score better on exams than students who only study in one location. Therefore, the concept of finding one specific study spot to utilize on a regular basis is a myth. Students should mix up the location of their study destinations. Researchers believe this finding results from the brain having to associate material with two separate locations, so the study material if further enforced. If a student only studies in one location, the brain only has to relate the material to one setting, therefore the information has less of a foundation.
Researchers have also found that studying a variety of materials in one setting rather than focusing on one topic increases retention of information. Alternating, for example, among foreign language, vocabulary, and reading, leaves a deeper impression on the brain. Researchers Doug Rohrer and Kelli Taylor of the University of South Florida tested this idea by giving one group of fourth-graders a set of math problems that required the same equation. another group was given problems that required a variation of equations. The students who had to complete multiple types of problems using different equations scored better on a quiz of one variation of problems than the other group of students

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