"Screens are Better Together"

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At one time, companies panicked over the potential for technology to interfere with advertising messages. The invention of tablets, smart phones, and iPads drastically increased the number of channels organizations could utilize to target consumers. Therefore, consumers could be confused by the bombardment of messages from different companies and media platforms. However, studies suggest that advertisements are reinforced, not lost in translation, because of the multitude of media outlets.
According to a study performed by MGM Las Vegas, consumers who saw a sports sedan video ad on various screens were able to recall more than individuals who saw only 15 seconds of the ad. More interestingly, consumers who saw the ad on multiple outlets were more likely to report a positive feeling towards the organization.
Although this article seems to be reliable, it does not discuss research methods in much detail, so it is hard to comment on the accuracy of the study. However, I have learned about the importance of marketing strategies in a few of my other classes, which I believe is relevant to this article. It is important that if an organization shares information on multiple media outlets at once, such as television and social media sites, the material must be convergent. In other words, the material must share the same message. If each screen shares a different idea, it is very possible that consumers will become confused.

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