Boomers in Research

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Medical advancements allow people to live longer, healthier lives than ever before. Boomers have more disposable income and are more active than their elders. For these reasons, incorporating boomers in marketing plans is a wise idea. Developing strategies to communicate with this public, however, seem to pose a challenge for many businesses.
"Boomers don't just populate existing life stages or consumer trends, they transform them." In other words, Boomers are able to learn methods of technological communication, and they can do so at an efficient pace. What organizations may fail to notice is the ability for this generation to be very tech-savvy, although they are stereotyped as being technologically-ill-informed.
Doyle Research Associates says it often uses interactive strategies to communicate with Boomers and elderly audiences, including mobile devices, the Internet, and webcams. Research also shows these groups tend to be on time for interpersonal meetings and are less likely to be swayed by their peers when sharing opinions, Illustrating various perks of working with this dependable are group.
Boomers and seniors tend to be overlooked by many organizations, who concentrate on younger developing audiences. These companies fail to recognize that the elderly population is larger than it has been in the past, and they are missing out on an audience that produces beneficial insights and has money to spend.

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