Online Grocery Shopping

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Due to changing buyer landscapes, grocer sites are being created to target newly independent Millennials. In order to gain insight about the age group, Nufer Marketing Research performed studies on their buying behavior. What did they find? According to the study, Millenials have money to spend, they are more price sensitive, and are more willing to pay a higher price for organic food. Plus, the growing population of Millenials makes them a profitable market. Today, they represent only 5% of the population. However, by 2020 they will make up a substantial 19% of the population.
Although online grocery shopping poses a few difficulties, such as purchasing produce and other perishable goods, the business is rapidly growing. It seems rather sensible that consumers who look up e-recipes for tonight's dinner can progress to fill up their grocery carts on a grocery shopping website. This technology goes hand-in-hand with the trend of 'convenience' in successful American corporations.
In order to further research consumers' opinions about online grocery shopping, I would suggest the company sends email surveys to prospective customers. Nufer can get customer email lists from grocery stores or companies who have this information, and see what the Millenials have to say about the potential of buying groceries on a computer screen.

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