Religion is the Key to Happiness

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Individuals who follow a faith have better mental health, according to a study. Professor Dan Cohen, of the University of Missouri, says, "Our prior research shows that the mental health of people recovering from different medical conditions, such as cancer, stroke, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, appears to be related significantly to positive spiritual beliefs and especially congregational support and spiritual interventions."
Researchers dispersed three surveys to determine if correlations exist among people's mental and physical health, personality factors, and spirituality. People including Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Catholics and Protestants were all included in the study. The study concluded across all faiths, those with higher levels of spirituality tend to have better mental health. The researchers believe spiritual individuals are selfless and feel a sense of belonging, which enhances their mental health.
One issue I think could be affecting this study is the definition of 'spirituality' and being able to quantify an individual's level of spirituality. Since spirituality is intangible, it is hard to measure. Also, they did not include atheists or non-spiritual individuals in the study, which I think is a huge problem.

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